Would they hear it though?


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At 136.2 Decibels
It may not be the horn for weight weenies, but if you’re looking for something loud, then Yannick Reed may have the answer. He recently scored the Guinness World Record for the loudest bike horn, at 136.2 decibels.

The London cyclist realized that his usual bike horn was going unheard by truck drivers, and with 100 miles of commuting and riding per week, that was a dangerous problem. So, he created the Hornster, which, to put into perspective, is roughly as loud as a 200-person marching band, and just below the point where ear protection should be required. It’s unlikely to make it to market anytime soon, but if it does… well, cars won’t be able to ignore any cyclist honking!

The name is familiar. Anyone else come across him, or the horn?
Loch side.
That bike makes two sounds. One is the sound of the horn, the other a loud crack as the unsupported frame extension mounted to a seat, breaks.
Actually there is a third sound too, the grinding sound as the back wheel then grinds through the rider's shorts. The decibels of the latter may well be the loudest.
Has anyone let @Fnaar know that there's a picture of massive hooters in this thread?

Are you trying to give him the horn?
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