Would you go to the police?

Thanks everyone. I have removed the content here, but I appreciate your response.

I will report it to the police, but I won't pursue it. It seems quite likely it is just the result of a unwell person, with very low grade web skills.

If anything comes of it, I'll update this thread.
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Is any of this being promoted in their election material?


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It's on the site of the party. So yes. But apparently nothing through the letter box from that candidate at all.
Have you pointed it out to any other party with a candidate in that seat.
You could do this via your local candidates.


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OP, just send email to the cops and list the site. Let the Police investigate. It might lead to saving a child or more. These are priority cases and rightfully so.

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In fact I was with the deputy head of cybercrime in the UK last week - they are all over this sort of thing, I can assure you. They were campaigning specifically for more people to report online crime.

Don't publicise this or notify other candidates - call into your local station and they should put you in touch, or use the ceop as another poster advised.

And probably close this thread.
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