Would you marry Bin Laden ?

Would you marry ?

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A 51 yr old 5-times divorced grandmother from Cheshire has married 27 yr old Omar Osama bin Laden, son of Osama bin Laden.

They met on holiday in Egypt, now 7 months later they're married.
She's not taking his surname because it might cause problems at airports...

- should she marry him ? He's the son of one of the world's most wanted terrorists, with a $25M bounty on his head.
- should he marry her ? She's old enough to be his mother, 5-times divorced and from a different culture & religion
- who cares less ? Is this really news ?

Mr Phoebus

New Member
His dad could do one of those videos...."Sorry I can't be there on your special day..."


he's got a $25 dollar bounty on his head? Christ no wonder they haven't caught him yet, it's hardly worth anyone shopping him - you'd not even get your weekly tesco's shopping with that reward.


Smutmaster General
Yorkshireman]She`s the second wife (and he hasn`t divorced the [u][i][b]fist [/b][/i][/u said:
The fist one?
The mind boggles!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :?: :8: :?:[/u]

Mr Phoebus

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Fnaar][quote=Yorkshireman]She`s the second wife (and he hasn`t divorced the [u][i][b]fist [/b][/i][/u said:
one) :rolleyes: .[/u]

The fist one?
The mind boggles!!!!!!! :8: :?: :biggrin: :?:[/quote]
She fits like a glove. :sad:

Mr Phoebus

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Maybe he's bored with the 'Michael Jackson' look, and wants a matching pair.

With a second wife, he could put on a 'Punch & Judy' show. :?: :?:


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Well, he'll get a British passport, then he'll be free to come and go as he pleases.

And he'll divorce her 6 months later.
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