WVM ran into the back of me!


Rain; It's not big and it's not clever!
Costa Clyde.
Luckily I wasn't on the bike, or even the car. I was parked in a layby having my lunch in one of these:

I felt a slight jolt, so jumped out fearing that I might find a car load of body parts wedged under the trailer, as I was on the main A90 route between Aberdeen and Dundee.
What I found was a shaken up WVM in a white Ford Transit (rented). Front end of the van was only a bit dented, as he had pulled into the layby to park so was going slowly.
He reckoned his brakes had failed (on a newish van); I reckon that was probably because he couldn't get his foot on the pedal because of the DOG sitting in the footwell at the drivers feet, FFS!
I checked the back of the trailer for damage (not a scratch - although it was an old trailer, so a bit hard to pick out any new marks anyway).
WVM didn't hang about, but I thought it worthy of a call to the Polis, only for the fact that this guy was heading for a populated area with a dog in the drivers footwell. Don't know if they found him or not.
There really are some nobbers out there. The things I see every day does nothing to encourage me to cycle on public roads. If they can run into the back end of a 44 tonne MGW lorry.........

Edit ...... Must get my whiplash claim in pronto! :laugh:
Sorry mate, he didn't see you.


Well, what do you expect ? Having in your lunch in one of those Polypipes - I'd have difficulty seeing you ! :ohmy:

Glad you're OK, though :thumbsup: :hugs:

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
Could only have happened to you!
Gives a whole new dimension to SMIDSY :laugh:
Btw, if he's brakes really did fail, surely he should have stayed put??
Well done on informing the police.
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