Yaaay I got the time off to cycle Gibraltar to Yorkshire

Hey all,

You may remember me from a while ago posting about my idea to cycle from Gibraltar to Yorkshire. I asked work if i could take the time off. They basically told me to ask again in June, and as its June, I did and they said yes!

I booked 3 weeks off to do it, and if it takes a little longer, then it takes a little longer. Though I was encouraged to read a blog about a guy who did the trip the other way round in 16 days :bicycle: If i do it in 20 im a happy beaver.

I am doing it for charity as well. People have said theyd sponsor me and it got work to agree too so why not. But Im doing it for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

I set off from Gibraltar on September 4th!

You can track my progress here: http://www.gibraltartoyorkshire.co.uk

This is my first cycle tour as well. :biggrin:
Im looking at buying the Revolutionary Country Explorer '10 from Edinburgh Cycles.

Ive got a lot of training to do :smile:
Any advice for first time tourers would be greatful! Im going to a mix of wild camping, camp sites and hotels for over nighters.

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Lucky guy! I am a keen cycle tourist and would probably allow 4 weeks, so 3 will be a bit demanding.

My suggestion would be to read all you can on www.crazyguyonabike.com - should help you piece together routes and ideas. I would avoid the Med coast personally. tends to be hilly AND built up whereas the rest of Spain is just hilly!

Cheap hotels (called hostal or hostales in the plural) tend to be a fair bit cheaper in rural areas than the French equivalent - so treat yourself a bit. Don't underestimate the time it takes to pack up tent etc, although getting an early start tends to be easier due to light mornings and less comfort to keep you in bed. Also if stealth camping you tend to end up cycling later to pitch the tent around sunset.

If you end up on the SW French coast there is a massive 200km beach with pine forest behind - ideal for stealth camping.

Enjoy it!

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Sounds great.

As JC says, 75m per day without a break is good going but doable.

The best advice is to get fit and travel as light as is reasonable.

Some of the French municipal sites charge less than 5 euros which may be a fair swap for a warm shower sometimes.


Lucky man; I don't think I'll have the time to do that sort of trip before I retire. Watch those motorways though! ;)


If i do it in 20 im a happy beaver

Judging by your other thread, where you did 137 miles after getting lost, I think you'll be lucky to make it at all.


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I think that you need to factor in a day or two of no riding. The break will do you good.

Last year I had an enforced break on a 1000mile tour when my bike broke. I had a very enjoyable day in Orleans as a sightseer until I got around to purchasing a replacement bike around tea time.

I think that you have found out the importance of:

  • hydration
  • nutrition
  • navigation
on your long day ride.


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The guy that did huddersfield to gibralta is called andy fallon and he actually went over and cycled in marrocco for an hour or so . Huddersfield to Africa in 16 days solo fully loaded was great going . He has a day to day blog of his trip online which is good Reading I'll post a link hen I get home . Best of luck with ur trip
thanks yeah ive read his blog. Awesome doing :biggrin:
I am going to factor in a couple of rest days that is for sure. It will do me the world of good.

And someone put, I'd be lucky to make it at all! Haha!! Oh I'm making it! I dont care what it takes. The 'incident' of navigation leading to 137 miles was simply because it was me, a rucksack and a mountain bike. i wasnt loaded. if that happened on the tour id pitch the tent and continue in the morning. I wouldnt over do it. Im pitching about 20 - 23 days coz i got three weeks off work. If it takes longer, it takes longer.. work will deal with it :biggrin: haha :biggrin:
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