Yay.....1st ride out !!


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Well i managed my 1st bike ride for probably near 20 years last night ^_^, i'm 44 now & just wanna start to get fit again...& of course lose a little timber aswell , i bought my bike (Spech Crosstrail Comp) & picked it up yesterday morning & went out on it about teatime, i had a route in mind which measures almost 11 miles (according to Garmin) but i was'nt sure how far i'd get to be honest but i set off & found i was loving it & managed to do the whole course which i managed in just under 50 mins & averaged about 13.5mpg (again according to Garmin), the course was road/cycle paths only.
Not sure if that's crap or not but i'm not really bothered either way as i really enjoyed getting out & i'll be out there again & again very soon !!
Well done, its better than I did first time out this year, 8.5m @ 9.3 mph.
Mind I did 26m on Sunday @ 13.6mph. and 26 @ 12mph yesterday mind it had twice the elevation climb (nearly) 1145ft as opposed to 645ft, I also usually have almost 1/4 of the bikes weight again in the panniers.
Just keep riding, you will get better.
Hope the bike in the picture gets more than 13.5mpg.


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Nicely done bob, I purchased my Sirrus Sport today, took it out for around 20 minutes and ruthlessly rode up some hills and around my local area, exhausted myself but I will rest now and take it to the track in around an hour or two! the Comp is nice bike.. I nearly bought that instead ha ha


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Well done, Bob. That sounds pretty quick to me for a first ride! Glad you enjoyed it.

I'll keep an eye out for you - I'm in Blyth too. We're lucky there's loads of nice routes round here
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