Yet another death


Accra, Ghana
I does make you wonder, truly appalling.
More likely driver error.

Driver, who knows he's either drunk, drugged, or in a nicked car, clouts cyclist, panics and drives off.

Occasionally, a driver who was none of the above does the same thing, thinks better of it, and hands themself in a few hours later.


Flouncing Nobber
Some kinetic energy at play there to get the victim that high and so far through a laminated screen. Whatever happened, they weren't dawdling.


That is very true I’ve bullseyed a widescreen and been thrown by one and it’s bloody painful. That car was not potting along at the time either.


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It also looks like it would have had to have been on the wrong side of the road given that the impact is to the driver's side. So speeding and lost control looks to be a distinct possibility.


West Yorks
It’s an Audi... says it all, probably speeding, as is the norm with those German saloons
Three arrests which are probably the occupants of the car.

It could be they are having trouble 'remembering' who was driving, although the two who were not could be in line for the offence of allowing themselves to be carried in a vehicle they knew to be stolen.

It's usually possible to establish who was driving, although the inquiries may take some time.

The driver's DNA is often deposited on the inside of the seatbelt or on the airbag, if it was deployed.

Drivers in this scenario usually suffer tell tale minor injuries.

For example, a friction burn or bruise from the seatbelt from the top of the right shoulder diagonally across the chest is strong evidence that person was in the right hand seat.

Proving the steering wheel was in front of that person is much easier.

DNA may also be on the driving controls of the vehicle - the steering wheel, gear stick, column stalks, and so on.

But that is still only evidence, albeit strong evidence, which means there could be a jury trial.

Each of the occupants of the car will know a long stretch awaits the driver, so may take any chance of an acquittal, however small.
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