Yet another "seen it all now"


Was putting air in the tyres of the car yesterday and while just looking at the display to see how far to go I noticed the instructions for the machine were also printed out in braille!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would a blind person be driving a car?????????:biggrin:
They might have a Guide Dog with them.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
They might be a passenger.

They might have enough residual vision to see the machine and the hose, but not enough to read the instructions.


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You don't seriously think its safer for blind car owners to drive around on incorrectly inflated tyres, do you? Running tyres at the wrong pressure can adversely affect vehicle handling, putting other road users at risk.

Even if you're not sharing the road with them, think of the environmental impact of all those tyres being prematurely replaced due to accelerated damage, or the increased fuel burn required to propel a car when they're under-inflated.

Honestly... Some people are so narrow minded.



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I think I can find lots of drivers who qualify. :biggrin:

I seriously suspect the minicab driver who hit me last winter would have been registered blind, he was certainly incabable of seeing forward in one eye


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it's for the SMIDSYs
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