Yet another which bike question


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I have a Thorn Sherpa, which I use for day rides and cycle camping. It's a lovely bike and I'm very pleased with it. Loaded with camping gear or not, it's rock steady and a delight to ride.

I am now starting to do some longer rides - I've done a couple of 100km Audaxes this year, and will attempt my first 200 in a couple of weeks time. Also, I've rather foolishly booked on a 2 week supported Tour des Grandes Alpes in September, and have embarked on a hilly training programme to prepare for this.

I am considering buying a lighter bike. The Sherpa weighs 14kg, and I reckon I could spend £600 on a new bike and maybe save 3 - 4kg, which may make those hills a little easier.

I would appreciate some advice as to whether this is worthwhile. Would it make the long / hilly rides easier, or should I stick with the Sherpa?

Finally - as I settle down to that most pleasurable of tasks - internet research as to shiny new bike options - has anyone any recommendations?
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