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I have gone back to cycling to lose weight & get fit.Doc said it was either that or die.I am now enjoying it more than I thought I would.
I have a Giant hybrid with front suspension,which is more of a tourer,I find this easier on my hands(please see other thread),I hope to be able to ride a road bike at some stage,but sciatica would,inmho,prevent that for the moment.
Most of my riding is on tow paths,tracks & some muddy paths,probably like to do roads & hills as well.I will need 2 bikes,but what combination would suit best.
Budget will be what it needs to be,but would prefer to keep each bike at around a grand.


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would be nice to be able to budget what ever needs . why not keep giant for off road and get a good road bike for road use ... simples

as for which bike , thats a toughie never looked at bikes costing over £350 and always bought 2nd hand then for a lot less


You could keep the hybrid for the off road stuff you are doing and fit some cyclocross tyres or get a cyclocross bike. For the road maybe a traditional tourer such as a dawes galaxy or a sportive based roadie (like a racer but the front end is a bit higher and the steering a bit more relaxed to give a bit more comfort over a long day in the saddle). Having said that a cyclocross bike would cope with all your riding needs it's just that tyres suitable for muddy conditions might not be the best on the road and vice-versa. If you are not ready for drop bars yet then there are more speed oriented hybrids available, (like a racer with flat bars) the boardman ones look nice.
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