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Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I was born in Essex, and moved to Leicestershire when I was 12. After having a few more moves I am now living in Hertfordshire. Have been a two wheeled cyclist for over 20 years.But due to back problems have taken to using a recumbent trike.
Has anyone been to the CTC York Rally recently? The last time I went was in 1983 (when there was a massive thunderstorm and I woke up floating in my tent in the morning due to not putting the spacers onthe night before between the tent and outer cover). I was told about 4 years ago that the format has changed and there are more trade stands.
Please could anyone let me know whether it is worth my going.


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums. ;)


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There is a rumour that it might be going in the near future to Harrogate .

It is said there are better facilities at Harrogate .

I have been once a couple of years ago ,and really enjoyed it .Hunt around and bargains can be found .
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