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Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Plus 3 bikes in one go and a child at the end of a 1/2-1-1/2 day C2C:


Secteur (sold last year) was mine, Islabike was my son's (also sold in 2017) and the Dolan was a friends who came with us as cover as I still had my 6 broken ribs and what turned out to be a broken pelvis.

Son no. 2 was doing the ride to raise money for a friend who's a nurse in Swaziland (now The Kingdom of Eswati) - he raised £500 and we went in 2016 to help.
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In front of the North Sea

Ribble. Road-Trip. 2013. Ferrybridge. 1.JPG" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment405915" data-lb-id="attachment405915">
Ribble. Road-Trip. 2013. Ferrybridge. 1.JPG
Rides. Barnsdale Road. 2.JPG
Flooded fields, alongside Barnsdale Road
(the 'Roman road', out of Castleford, towards Aberford)
Rides. Barnsdale Road. 2.JPG

On the 'old' A1, looking at the 'Great North Road' bridge, at FerryBridge
Ribble. Road-Trip. 2013. Ferrybridge. 1.JPG
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