Your bike in front of something different...


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A challenge, which will get harder if and when the thread progresses.

No gates, churches, railings, water, bridges (or from any other themed threads - I'll admit I'm a prime culprit, and enjoy looking for such regular back-drops).

Looking for novelties here. The sillier and more unusual the better. No repetition or hesitation allowed. Deviation is definitely de rigueur.

If I had a 'My bike in front of a polar bear' photo, I'd kick off with that. But I haven't.

Over to you...


My bike with new wheels and clean running gear in front of a jeep.


Anyway, it's behind whatever sort of motor vehicle it is. I might have to show you the yellow card.
It's in front of the back of the jeep.:okay:
What have I done here?
See, I rushed to the PC thinking I had this won already, but it seems the kids failed to get a bike in shot so maybe not!

While on holiday in Cornwall a month ago the kids went exploring....


But they failed to include bicycles in the most important picture...…


A real, abandoned, wild west ghost town, complete with gallows! The bikes were leaned up against the lower steps, honest :whistle:
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