Your bike on a bridge pics


Oop North (ish)
About to cross a dyke on a Bridleway just outside Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, maybe we need a new category MBIFO an obstruction. How you are supposed to be able to get a horse through there is beyond me.

I used the search, but can't find this one used already (or a previously taken photograph)
Circa 12:30, today

Aire & Calder Navigation Canal
Between 'Stanley Ferry'(1 & 2) & Birkwood Lock

It's a bridge. spanning a stream, that passes under the Canal

I'll call it a bridge, as it has parapets
A culvert would not have them?


1. Where there's a magnificent 'Bow-String aquaduct, carrying the 'A&CNC' over the River Calder
Plus, the British Waterways workshops, where most lock-gates, for the north of England are made

2. The aquaduct, & workshops are just to the other side of the bridge, in the background
(my usual route to, & home from, work)
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Can we have under the bridge??
Circa 12:40, today

Birkwood Bridge
Aire & Calder Navigation Canal
Approaching Birkwood Lock, from 'Stanley Ferry


The bridge is 'full-width', & would cope with 2-way traffic, but is just an occupation bridge, & also gives access to the Lock-Keepers house
It was built to this width, as there's no alterations/signs of widening the abutments
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The 'Trash Screen Bridge' at Stanley Ferry
Crossing the River Calder, & adjacent to the 2 aquaducts, taking the Aire & Calder Navigation Canal over it
There's a fair amount of water in it, due to the weeks heavy rain



I was riding back from watching the start of the mens race, from Leeds today, when I saw the water levels under the road bridge, & detoured a few dozen yards onto the bridge

Normal water levels, as seen from the 'new' aquaduct;

It can get substantially higher, this was 26th December 2015, the same day that Tadcaster Bridge collapsed

This is a more usual view, with the 2 aquaducts, & the 'Trash Screen' to the left of shot
If you could see it, that it, but it's inline with the tent, from my viewpoint


My bike on a bridge on the Thames path yesterday, with a railway bridge in the background.
On the new cycle-path/bridleway/footpath at Whitwood Junction

(ex) Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (Methley Branch), which is what it was built as

The 'line' was from Cutsyke, up to Methley, & intersected the Midland Railways Normanton - Leeds line at Pinders Bridge
Plus a branch ran off towards Lofthouse, via Stanley (the Great Northern, North Eastern & Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Joint Branch)


Looking down the side

Castleford behind me
Normanton & Wakefield KirkGate, to the left
Woodlesford & Leeds, to the right

It's been built where the blue circle is, in the map below the photograph;
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