Your bike on a bridge pics


Oop North (ish)
About to cross a dyke on a Bridleway just outside Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, maybe we need a new category MBIFO an obstruction. How you are supposed to be able to get a horse through there is beyond me.

I used the search, but can't find this one used already (or a previously taken photograph)
Circa 12:30, today

Aire & Calder Navigation Canal
Between 'Stanley Ferry'(1 & 2) & Birkwood Lock

It's a bridge. spanning a stream, that passes under the Canal

I'll call it a bridge, as it has parapets
A culvert would not have them?


1. Where there's a magnificent 'Bow-String aquaduct, carrying the 'A&CNC' over the River Calder
Plus, the British Waterways workshops, where most lock-gates, for the north of England are made

2. The aquaduct, & workshops are just to the other side of the bridge, in the background
(my usual route to, & home from, work)
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Can we have under the bridge??
Circa 12:40, today

Birkwood Bridge
Aire & Calder Navigation Canal
Approaching Birkwood Lock, from 'Stanley Ferry


The bridge is 'full-width', & would cope with 2-way traffic, but is just an occupation bridge, & also gives access to the Lock-Keepers house
It was built to this width, as there's no alterations/signs of widening the abutments
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The 'Trash Screen Bridge' at Stanley Ferry
Crossing the River Calder, & adjacent to the 2 aquaducts, taking the Aire & Calder Navigation Canal over it
There's a fair amount of water in it, due to the weeks heavy rain



I was riding back from watching the start of the mens race, from Leeds today, when I saw the water levels under the road bridge, & detoured a few dozen yards onto the bridge

Normal water levels, as seen from the 'new' aquaduct;

It can get substantially higher, this was 26th December 2015, the same day that Tadcaster Bridge collapsed

This is a more usual view, with the 2 aquaducts, & the 'Trash Screen' to the left of shot
If you could see it, that it, but it's inline with the tent, from my viewpoint


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
My bike on a bridge on the Thames path yesterday, with a railway bridge in the background.
On the new cycle-path/bridleway/footpath at Whitwood Junction

(ex) Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (Methley Branch), which is what it was built as

The 'line' was from Cutsyke, up to Methley, & intersected the Midland Railways Normanton - Leeds line at Pinders Bridge
Plus a branch ran off towards Lofthouse, via Stanley (the Great Northern, North Eastern & Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Joint Branch)


Looking down the side

Castleford behind me
Normanton & Wakefield KirkGate, to the left
Woodlesford & Leeds, to the right

It's been built where the blue circle is, in the map below the photograph;
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