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This bridge is on the road between Nailcote Hall and Balsall Common, it goes over a disused railway line that for as long as I can remember has been heavily wooded and full of wildlife, They've now cleared it for HS2, all thats left of the tree's are stumps and the wildlife has gone. :sad::sad::sad:



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Northern Germany
A bridge over the Elbe Lateral Canal, taken during a three day tour of the Lüneberg Heide last month.

Kalemouth suspension bridge crosses the River Teviot in Roxburghshire. It normally has a 3 tonne weight limit but is currently closed to motor vehicles by large concrete blocks at each end. The signs don't say it's still open to cyclists and pedestrians but the blocks have been positioned in line with the traffic lane rather than across it, presumably with the intention of allowing non motor access.
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