Your dream job.

I would design a bulldozer to flatten the Ikea store in Croydon and call it 'Diedre'.
I would design a wall mounted bicycle rack, with smooth curves, in European Cherry. Can be used to turn your sexy bike into a design feature, or simply to save space in the stable.

Would be called 'Hänger"


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I would radically change the face of the pouffe industry as we know it by designing a plastic pouffe with holes for the feet to go in not on.

It would be called Fuksaak
After the soaking I got tonight, I might design a very wide plastic tape measure type of thing - curved in cross section. It could be pulled out to the appropriate length, stand your bike in this 'guttering', and all the drips would be caught...thereby protecting your Vladkrapt laminate floor.
I'd call it 'Sdroflah' ;)
Of course, a garage is cool...


I would design mattresses and bedding with holes in to let the crumbs through.

Probably called the Skrofler range.

Elmer Fudd

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I would design a metallic disc, that when you hit it would resonate with a musical tone, I would call it symbol simon


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I would design a handy set of retracting spikes that fits to your QR. At the flick of a switch it shoots out and scores the paintwork of the cager who has come far too close.

It would be called a Fukkyu!
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