Your YouTube favourites.


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My lovely wife gave me a spangly iTouch thingy for my birthday yesterday which I'm filling up with snagged videos from YouTube.

I've pretty much run out of my favourite stuff so do any of you have any good clips that I can grab to stick on there?

Some of my faves so far.

Wanna by The Stabilisers - ok, it's my brother's band...

Amateur - guy who can't play drums or the piano edits together a song out him playing single notes.

David Blaine pisstake - 'Stop putting stuff on us you demon' ;)

Lance Armstrong Alpe D'Huez 2001 - The classic look back at Ullrich moment. Good Fatboy Slim tuneage too.

Cat waking me up - great animation. I think our cats have seen this too.



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NOT VERY PC...but funny as hell, i would'nt want to get into a row with this crazy bitch



A classic Flight of the Conchords 'French' song:

Or Or Or...Baguette!

And some Mutha Ucking Swearing from the same band:

'Ucking with ma shii'
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