Zeebrugge to Marseille

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by DHC, 5 Jun 2008.

  1. DHC

    DHC New Member

    Hi folks,

    looking for some advice. A friend and I are undertaking a cycle ride from Zeebrugge to Marseille in Sept for charity. Web site: http://www.downhillcyclists.co.uk

    I am looking for input to safe cycle routes that cover the route we are planning to take.

    We are planning to cycle the Kwaremont and Mont Ventoux just for the fun of it along the way. However, any advice, input or even sponsorship would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours DHC.
  2. Fietslogies

    Fietslogies Well-Known Member

    Great idea. But I'm not really impressed by the first part of your cycle route : Zeebrugge - Aalter - Oudenaarde. You should absolutely avoid N-roads in Belgium, in case you are looking for a little bit of cycling quality and cycling fun.
    I even think my alternative for the part between Zeebrugge and Aalter might have the same distance. About 40 km.

    Cycling between Ghent and Bruges (+ Zeebrugge)

    After Aalter, I would recommend to coninue this route and when meeting the Ghent circular canal (Ringvaart), to leave it.

    Cycling around Ghent

    Following the 'Ringvaart' to the south (it doesn't really matter if you choose the left or the right bank, both sides have a cycle path, well seperated of the R4), you will avoid the center of Ghent and finally meet the river Scheldt (Schelde). This river meanders you towards Oudenaarde.

    Cycling along the river Scheldt

    This route might be even quite useful for the second part of your tour, bringing you from Oudenaarde towards France.

    Unfortunately my routes avoid the hills you are interested in. However, if you are passing the little town of Leuze (Hainaut, Belgium) there's an old railway track straight to the south with scenic views.

    Cycling in Hainaut

    Good luck
  3. OP

    DHC New Member


    thanks for the information. I totally agree with you about the first part. Now that I know of a better/safer route, I will look into in more detail.

    Thanks again.
  4. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    I intend on another trip to Belgium shortly so this is useful to me, thank you.
  5. xilios

    xilios Über Member

    Maastricht, NL
    The route from Lille to Dijon for the most part is just wide open plains (farm land). Nice for a couple days but it will get borring. I have a few pictures from the area around Reims from our latest tour Maastricht/Santiago de Compostela, Week 1.
    I'd move the route a bit East to include Luxemburg, Metz, Nancy, Geneve and Grenoble. It's a bit hillier but more scenic.
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