1. steve292

    Cyclist deaths soar on rural roads in England

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-59477788 This is shocking. I don't know what we can do as a society to promote a bit more empathy towards the rest of the human race. What I do know is that it's about time we started to remove the privilege of driving completly and forever for some.
  2. S

    Highways England Consultation on A Roads

    An opportunity to request safer infrastructure, segregation, crossings, etc https://routestrategies.highwaysengland.co.uk
  3. matticus

    Come on England, Come on England!

    A thread for discussion of the Euros campaign. No politics, no xenophobia; stick to the topic which is The team that is 4-0 up against UKR. :cheers:
  4. M

    Friday Night Music is : England

    May I propose, on St Georges day.
  5. matticus

    Your Easter Sunday plans (England, sorry!)

    EDIT: just noticed a typo - "Visit Family" should ideally be "Spend time with family", but it doesn't really make much odds! I'm just trying to very roughly gauge the plans of the typical cyclist this Easter (for group-ride planning purposes). n.b. this assumes two things: - the Gov Roadmap...
  6. SpokeyDokey

    England - Covid vaccination update

    England vaccination stat's to date: https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/covid-19-vaccinations/ Breakdown showing cumulatives for first/second doses. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/
  7. GlamorganGuy

    Long(ish) distance tour suggestions

    I'm looking for suggestions for long-ish tours through the East of England - Suffolk, Cambs, Norfolk, Essex. Routes involving lengthy off-road sections especially welcome. Any recommendations for cheap accommodation along the way very gratefully received. Look forward to hearing from you!
  8. mikey951r

    May 2021- south England Loop

    I think we’ll be just getting over COVID in spring and it’ll be back to France in July for me. Until then this is my 7/8 day loop for early May. Approx 550 miles I like urban, sea, industrial etc, not huge hills. Grateful for any thoughts. Bristol to bath on Route 4 Bath to Bournemouth on...
  9. Vantage

    Bill & Billy's World Tour Across North England

    Angry volcanoes! Raging rapids! Glacier peaked mountains! Sun baked deserts! The Way of the Roses has none of these. What it does have is an abundance of rolling hills, narrow twisty lanes and gorgeous little towns and villages. Although to be fair, I think the climb out from Settle could give...
  10. Globalti

    Where to actually try out shoes in NW England?

    I want some shoes with Boa lacing but have a very specific need regarding the way the shoe grips the heel, so I can't buy online and I wouldn't anyway, same as I wouldn't buy a helmet online. Yet nowadays it's seemingly impossible to find a retailer who holds a decent range of stock where you...
  11. SpokeyDokey

    Scotland <> England off road cycle route opened.

    Looks brilliant! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49541621 (NB if this has already been posted on here and I have missed it; just report this post and I'll delete it.)
  12. steven1988

    Guided ride in the Nottinghamshire area

    Evening all, i am a newly qualified ride leader for British Cycling. We are leading our first ride in the Nottinghamshire area this weekend. All info on the link if anyone would like to join us, please sign up using the link https://www.letsride.co.uk/rides/147596
  13. Nick Saddlesore

    FNRttC FNRttC Maldon May 24th

    Registration for the Friday Night Ride to the Coast, Maldon edition on Friday night 24th May is now open. A gentle trip out on quiet cyclewàys to Cheshunt (luxe comfort stop) then soon into the dark lanes up past The Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green, before we turn on to an exposed ridge...
  14. J

    Route advice needed in South West England.

    Afternoon, I've got a long day in the saddle coming up in a couple of months as I've got to get to Exeter from Northamptonshire, stupid idea but it is all for charity. One option for the route would be heading towards Bath and using N24 to Radstock and also using the Bridgewater to Taunton...
  15. L

    Round trip of about 120 to 140 miles in England

    Hi, Trying to organise a round trip on hybrid bikes over 3 to 4 days (around 35-40 miles per day), somewhere in England. Would like to see a bit of the coast and nice countryside, but preferably not too hilly, and initial thoughts were Suffolk or Sussex, but open to any suggestions. Has...
  16. SpokeyDokey

    BBC - how well do you know England quiz.

    So...how well do you know England? A modest 6/10 for me. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-44290942
  17. steveindenmark

    England Football shirt

    I have just seen the Nike England World Cup football shirt. Its as bland as tbe team will be. Couldnt we have gone a bit glitzy so the world will at least remember something about the England team.
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