1. KneesUp

    Asthma - anyone using non-aerosol drugs?

    As a kid I had Intal capsules in a Spinhaler for my asthma - it was a clever system; you got hard gelatin capsules that you put in a device that pierced the capsule and then span it around as you inhaled sharply - the rotation of the capsule meant the powdered drug was flung outwards and then...
  2. kingrollo

    Training with Asthma

    Ive dabbled with HRM'S and could never make them work for me - found this article which may explain why.
  3. Accy cyclist

    Using someone else's inhaler

    I went for a little ride today. As i haven't done much cycling lately i felt a bit out of breath. I've also had a cold these last few days which as usual, dries up then gives me a chesty cough. Also the cold easterly wind didn't help either. I stopped off at a friends for a cup of tea and a...
  4. clid61

    Asthma ?

    Been on meds for high blood pressure since march. Found myself being really runny noses nose and sneezing most of time , side effect or asthma due to riding a lot ? Don't whine but just wondering
  5. Timotheog


    Hi all, just wondering if any of you have asthma and enjoy cycling? Does it make your asthma worse? Have you found cycling helps overall? I'm just getting into road cycling and have been asthmatic since a boy, generally I find myself able to cope more on the bike as apposed to running, etc.
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