1. DDE

    Backpack vs Panniers

    I’ve been commuting by road bike for over 5 years. Until recently, I’ve always used a backpack. It’s 24km in each direction. I’ve never had too many issues with using a backpack but in my mind I always told myself I’d upgrade to a rack and panniers some day. The benefits were clear in my...
  2. M

    FS: Hi viz pannier/backpack cover & 50L backpack

    1) BTR Hi Viz backpack/pannier cover and helmet cover - new with tags. Would fit a medium sized backpack. £10 posted the pair. 2) Eurohike 50L backpack in excellent condition. Only been used as carry-on luggage and not even been out in the woods! One main section with bottom access, outer...
  3. U

    Recommend me a backpack please.

    I commute to work by bike and often travel between my designated base and other sites. Hope to base is 7 miles and max distance to other sites is six miles. On occasion I need to visit one site for a meeting before heading to base giving a total distance of 11 miles. Rarely a meeting goes past...
  4. U

    Which bike backpack would you go for?

    Good afternoon, I'm after a new pack mainly for day to day on the bike with shopping included and for days out etc, so for the bike and general purpose. Not for carrying laptops and tablets. I've ordered myself the Osprey momentum 32 at £55.00 but thinking about it I think I should have got the...
  5. G

    SOLD Brand New Blue Vaude Cluster Backpack

    I bought this on a whim, but it's still in it's packaging, and I know I won't use it. Currently on sale at £48.41 on Amazon with RRP of £67.71. I got mine for £22.50, so would like that for it and I'll pay the postage.
  6. Bimble

    Do you prefer panniers, backpack, messenger bag or something else for your commute?

    I see a wide range of commuters on my rides to and from work and I've noticed there's quite a broad range of bikes, clothing, and carriers people use for lugging their kit. I started out with a backpack I got from Edinburgh Cycle Coop, and after reading about racks and panniers on CC I invested...
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