bike hire

  1. HLaB

    Dublin Bike Hire Ad 😂

    Just saw the new ad for Dublin Bike Hire 😂 View:
  2. U

    Recommend me some bike hire places in Snowdonia

    I'm looking to stay somewhere near Llanberis area. Looking for any personal experiences you may have had, or know of any decent bike hire places. Not fussed on the kind of cycling I do, I'm hoping to do a mixture tho. I've googled obviously, but just trying to expand on it.
  3. Julia9054

    Bike hire Krakow

    Very excited about my holiday in 3 weeks time. Staying in Potsdam for 5 days where the first thing we will do is hire a bike for getting around. (I have never stayed in Potsdam before but I know Berlin fairly well) We are catching the bus to Krakow where we have hired an apartment for a week...
  4. Globalti

    Road bike hire on Mallorca?

    Any recommendations for decent bikes to Ultegra standard?
  5. Rooster1

    Bike Hire - Maiori, Amalfi, Italy

    I need to try and sort a road bike out for a few spins in Maiori Google search just throws up which looks like alot of hassle and gives me no info about the bikes. Some of the hotels hire bikes but they give no...
  6. John Edmondson

    Road Bike Hire in Palma, Majorca.

    Hi, does anybody have a first-hand recommendation for road bike hire in Palma, Majorca. I'm after a decent level of spec but most importantly i want a well maintained bike in good condition. Many Thanks :smile:
  7. Andy in Sig

    Mountain Bike hire in York?

    Evening all. I know somebody who is going over to the UK to York for three weeks in August to a language school. She's quite a keen mountain biker and would like to get some time in on the N. York moors on the weekends. Can anybody recommend anywhere in York where one can hire a decent...
  8. Sixmile

    Manchester Bike Hire

    I've had a wee google but want to see if any folk on here have first hand experience or recommendations for a days bike hire in Manchester for 2 people. We're coming back to Manchester Airport on 17th June from a game at the Euros and before our flight to Belfast we've 7 or 8 hours spare. I...
  9. DCLane

    Hong Kong - bike hire?

    I'm heading off to Hong Kong next month for a few days. It's for 3 graduations and an event between the 14th and 16th of November. Rather than just sit around at other times I'm wanting to get out and about, although time of day may be an issue. Have we any HK-based CC members? Or are...
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