1. Hebe

    Building confidence (hers and mine) beyond Bikeability 2

    I never learned to ride as a child - but did as an adult when my daughter was young (I didn't want her to grow up never seeing her mum on a bike, or cycling as an everyday transport option). I spent a couple of years cycling regularly, if slightly nervously (nursery, shopping, easy off-road...
  2. EasyPeez


    My daughter has recently done the Bikeability (née Cycling Proficiency) training at school. She passed L1 but failed L2 and it's left her quite upset and definitely depleted her confidence. According to her account, the tutor was quite poor at explaining what she expected from the children and...
  3. Dave Davenport

    Bikeability funding

    The promised funding from the DoT of circa £63m for the next three years has been cut to £50m, in Hampshire it's currently looking like the number of places available will be dropping from around 10,000 to 7,800 for next year. The scheme I work for are talking about loosing 8 of the 24...
  4. summerdays

    Have you passed your Cycling Proficiency?

    In another thread "cyclists are their own worst enemy", there was a quote from a member of the public saying that cyclists should have passed their Cycling proficiency in this post I suspect that a large majority have, I know I did .... In the playground with the cones and the police officer...
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