1. bikegang

    Birdy P40

    Looks like a new frame =AZUQkpdmdewZAwf_opMxfq044jT_kuxa9k1EbnO-8yleggO_t2jffcZmDsBQDn1kCuGakMZZ4gcUeqBKKsyGJ50DUBbnTuoZq788rzFLt4PKx_BCLVUf2qzNQZSCo9jkrJPAflhZVZWeztkxrq9QSTvK74aUAVd9UDXEuFLbM2UMe5hV7yw6KjJoUFbePpW_Ikk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R']Pacific Cycles 40th Anniversary Edition
  2. Twowheelxtc

    Birdy Rohloff

    Hi All If anyone is interested I’ve just posted this in the for sale section.. Thanks Andy
  3. Twowheelxtc

    Birdy Rohloff.....immaculate condition

    Hi All I bought this bike from Damien Harris cycles a couple of years ago. The current retail price for a new bike starts at £3329 but I have an unused rear rack, mudguards and a Birdy frame bag to go with it. The bike has hardly been used....I’m guessing at about 250 miles, so is in excellent...
  4. Cuchilo

    A little birdy

    The dammed cat has caught a little chick . Its survived and i have it in a make shift nest . what now ?
  5. al78

    Birdy frame repair/replacement

    I've had a Birdy folder since 2006 and some of the hinging parts which allow it to fold are getting worn (i.e. there is side-to-side play, especially where the rear rack is bolted to the frame). Is it feasible to repair the frame by dismantling it and replacing all the bolts that allow it to...
  6. sbird

    Worn wheel rim on my Birdy folder

    After four and half years of commuting on my Birdy about 10 miles a day the rim on my rear wheel has worn through. I've never worn through the rim of the wheel on any of my other bikes so a first for me. And because my commute takes me through that London and the Brompton is the most popular...
  7. bikegang

    Birdy IV or Brompton MK5 ?

    And it folds ...:hyper::notworthy:
  8. shouldbeinbed

    My Birdy rides again

    I'm unfeasibly happy. There may well be a late 2013 S3L Brompton with all paperwork, luggage block fitted and S bag coming up for sale in a couple of days.
  9. shouldbeinbed

    Birdy bits - very long shot I know

    I've got my old style frame Birdy Blue back in running fettle now but I need a couple of bits to be spot on. I know its a long shot but if anyone has a defunct Birdy they'd like to sell parts from or knows of a retail outlet that stocks Birdy bits(*) who could supply in a reasonable time I'd be...
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