Birdy Rohloff.....immaculate condition

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Twowheelxtc, 19 Jan 2018.

  1. Twowheelxtc

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    A82FC741-F28B-4413-B624-F5F103120110.jpeg Hi All

    I bought this bike from Damien Harris cycles a couple of years ago. The current retail price for a new bike starts at £3329 but I have an unused rear rack, mudguards and a Birdy frame bag to go with it. The bike has hardly been used....I’m guessing at about 250 miles, so is in excellent condition.
    The bike is Black, has a sp hub dynamo and Busch and Muller headlight with stand light. The stem is the slightly forward leaning version that gives a better riding position..

    I’m happy to arrange a viewing for anyone interested and can of course provide proof of purchase.

    I know I’m going to lose some money on this sale.....but the bike sits in the garage doing nothing while my others are well exercised!!

    I’ll consider any reasonable offer.

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  2. Dane5431

    Dane5431 New Member

    Hi, did you manage to sell the Birdy? I am looking for one.
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