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  1. Kell

    Dahon Folding bike bag

    I’m cleaning out my shed and came across a Dahon bag for a 26” folder. it came with a second-hand bike I bought and I’ve never used it. I opened it to check it out and it looks to be unused. The interior looks completely unmarked. the exterior of the folded package is a bit dusty and may have...
  2. BlueFox

    Montague Boston 8 full size folding bike 19" £275

    This is the 2015 model. It has always been stored in a garage and has very low mileage (I guess 200 miles or so) and so is in excellent condition. It has an 8 speed nexus hub and an aluminium frame (with cromoly forks). For more information about the Boston 8 see this video made by a bike shop...
  3. rustybolts

    Carrera Intercity Folding Bike

    Hi , I wonder if anyone has any experience of the Carrera Intercity Folding Bike as sold by Halfords. I would like first hand experience , pros and cons and is it easy to carry on a train ? Thanks !
  4. kingrollo

    Over trousers to wear on folding bike

    The easiest and quickest way for me to get to work - is by car then by folding bike. The only problem is the chain oil gets on my trousers - my bike is a tern link with 20 inch wheels. I would like some over trousers that go over my work trousers - I want something that looks reasonably stylish...
  5. TheDoctor

    SOLD - Folding bike - £100

    As part of an on-going N-x, my old Decathlon folding bike needs to go. It's had very little use since I got a Brompton. Recently serviced, with a new gearshifter, as the old one was really scuffed up. 20" wheels, 6-speed Shimano, steel frame. The paintwork has been chipped, touched up, covered...
  6. katom

    To Brompton or not to Brompton?

    Hey all, Just need some advice on whether to purchase a second hand Brompton or not. 2017 Model with Mudguards, Pannier Rack + Bag - has only been ridden once. Selling at £795 Essentially I'm looking for a folding bike, as I tour the UK for work and wanted something to get me places instead of...
  7. tom73

    Electric folding bike review

    Maybe helpful for some.
  8. Rockn Robin

    Let's See Your Folding Bike

    I know there is a gallery section, and forgive me if I'm wrong in posting this thread here, but I thought since it's "photo specific" to folding bikes it might be OK. If not, please delete the thread, as I have posted these photos on a thread within the gallery forum. I just thought it would...
  9. Rockn Robin

    Folding Bike Mag

    I used to subscribe to Bicycling Magazine, but never bothered to renew. I haven't looked at the mag lately, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a mag that is dedicated to folding bikes, or at least a magazine that features articles on folding bikes on a regular basis?
  10. rich p

    Folding bike bag

    Following my recent folding bike build I have the need for a bag to transport it in planes. I used a full sized padded bike bag when I flew to Spain but now I'm home and have more time, I have ordered a custom made bag for future use. What I'd like, is to line the bag with a lightweight...
  11. Dirk

    North Devon Folding Bike Festival 2018

    North Devon Folding Bike Festival 2018 Just came across this event if anyone is interested in participating. From the blurb: "The North Devon Folding Bike Festival is a three day event for folding bike enthusiasts, that aims to bring like minded cyclists...
  12. Twowheelxtc

    Birdy Rohloff.....immaculate condition

    Hi All I bought this bike from Damien Harris cycles a couple of years ago. The current retail price for a new bike starts at £3329 but I have an unused rear rack, mudguards and a Birdy frame bag to go with it. The bike has hardly been used....I’m guessing at about 250 miles, so is in excellent...
  13. K

    Phillips folding bike

    Probably not in the same league as a Brompton however does the job at a fraction of the price. 7 speed, rear rack. £45 collected BB18.
  14. BikeLifePinas

    My Folding Bike Seat Post always slips...

    You know that feeling? happily pedaling away and then... *SCHHHHWEEEP!!!* I felt like a lowly person (literally) any help or ideas on how to solve a slipping seat posts? it's so annoying and I don't know how to solve it.
  15. Julia9054

    Decathlon B'TWIN Hoptown 320 Folding Bike

    Thinking of buying a cheap folder for occasional trips around York. Looks good value for £179. Anyone got one? What are they like?
  16. stearman65

    Dahon C5 "Chiao" folding bike "Sold"

    For sale on Ebay & most other sites such as Gumtree, Preloved, Craigs List, Swapz. Ebay Link. offers in the region of £250
  17. fixedfixer

    Airnimal Rhino Folding Bike (SOLD)

    Sold this one - second detailed in thread below. I have (had) two of these for sale as they are not getting much use. Here is the first one. Handy folding do anything kind of bike. Have seen photo's of them with road tyres and panniers for touring, good off road and on tracks too. Folds...
  18. G

    Ireland Folding Bike

    I bought this yesterday anyone know who made them? Are they rebadged Raleigh's?
  19. doginabag

    Tern Link P9 folding bike

    I have for sale my Tern Link P9 folding bike. Originally purchased from Evans approximately two years ago, it's been a good work horse getting me too and from work every day. Lets get the faults out the way first. The only current issue is some play in the front wheel hub, this would be a...
  20. stearman65

    Folding Bike for Wife

    I sold my trike yesterday & now have funds to purchase a folding bike for my wife. She's 75 5ft, fairly physically fit & has been trawling around on foot while I have gone through 2 trikes & now my "permanent" mount, a Claud Butler Stratos. I have been searching various models, prices & specs &...
  21. TrishnBonnie

    folding bike - No Longer Needed

    I'm looking for a folding bike around £300 please. I like the bike Friday that's for sale on here but it's too far away, I'm Lincoln/Newark :)
  22. stearman65

    Pashley Tri-1 Folding Tricyce or Trike. Or P/EX Hi Quality Folding Bike

    For Sale PASHLEY TRi 1 FOLDING TRICYCLE or TRIKE Videos of our trike View: View: MAY P/EX HI QUALITY FOLDING BIKE 20” WHEELS> Once a keen cyclist, I bought this to exercise my knees to get them in...
  23. stearman65

    Best Value Folding Bike

    Since getting my Pashley TRI 1 my wife is feeling left out having to trot on behind me as I take my daily exercise run. :cycle:So, we cant get a second trike into the Citroen Picasso, but we could get a 20 inch wheeled folder. So we are looking for a used budget priced folder under £150 pounds...
  24. robgul

    Dawes Ace (built by Dahon) 20" wheel Folding Bike - SOLD

    In mint condition, has covered far too few miles which is why I'm selling it. The Dawes Ace (2014, built by Dahon) 20" wheel Folding Bike is the top model in range and has a light alloy frame finished in gloss black and easy to use folding mechanism. It is fully equipped and ready to go with...
  25. shouldbeinbed

    Does you folding bike have a name

    Inspired by the mundane news thread and welcoming @Hill Wimp into to fold (IGMC) does your folder have a name? I call all my folders Keith in honour of Keith Peat. I like to think he'd be livid that not only he has a pointless mode of transport named in his honour but funny looking ones too...
  26. M

    Brompton 'how it's made' video

    A nice wee video showing how a Brompton is made.
  27. M1ke

    Wanted: Folding Bike

    Hi, I am after a folding bike to take away in my Motorhome. Let me know what you have. Cheers Mike
  28. robgul

    Dawes Ace (built by Dahon) 20" wheel Folding Bike

    The Dawes Ace (2014, built by Dahon) 20" wheel Folding Bike is the top model in range and has a light alloy frame finished in gloss black and easy to use folding mechanism. It is fully equipped and ready to go with front and rear mudguards, rear alloy rack, front dynamo light and a rear battery...
  29. M

    Brompton on cycle to work scheme

    Hi all, been a long time since I posted last. Hope all the regulars are good. I've been off cycling for a while, but hoping to get back into it with a new(ish) job that is cycle commutable. So...I've taken the plunge and bought a Brompton on the cycle to work scheme. Since I work in a city...
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