1. Cycleops

    Is this why we always have toast and cornflakes for breakfast? Recent research about why we eat what we eat. Breakfast is looked upon as utilitarian while lunch and evening meal is more hedonistic. What do you think? Have to admit to eating...
  2. MontyVeda

    Pub grub and breakfast in Leeds

    I'm off to Leeds in a few weeks for the night, probably staying in the Easy Hotel and most likely in need of a hearty breakfast when i check out... so can anyone recommend a good full-english? I've got my eye on Whitelock's Ale House for my supper... anyone know it or want to recommend...
  3. Sharky


    We have an unresolved issue in the house. We are unable to come to a consensus of how we should deal with the contents. Fried, boiled, poached or scrambled - nobody can decide. The deadline date was the 29th March, but under the new agreement, I presume we now have until April 12th to come to...
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