car insurance

  1. gbb

    Car insurance renewal

    We all know the way it works, allow them to renew automatically and you willwittingly or unwittingly pay a premium for the pleasure / slothlessness / indifference. Mines due next month...I only have what I think is a modest car, 2015 Astra SRI,not that powerful, mediocre but reliable and quite...
  2. byegad

    RAC car insurance taking advantage.

    OK, for the last few years Lady Byegad and I have been taking turns to insure our car, one year I'm the insured and she's the other driver. The next year the other way round. We drive almost exactly the same mileage, equaling between 48-52% of the total yearly miles. Sadly Lady Byegad has had...
  3. Dave7

    My latest car insurance rant.

    Last year I left it late to renew. The auto renewal cost had gone up £20ish pounds so I quickly shopped around but couldnt get it cheaper. This month I got notification... its going up to £308. Went on line...... same company was £285. I phoned them up. They confirmed £308. I argued. They...
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