1. vickster

    Crud Roadracer Mk2 mudguards BNIB

    Brand new, still boxed (although the box is a bit squashed/torn) Bought for a bike I no longer own :biggrin: Review here £14 delivered or £10 collected from Sutton SM1 Bank transfer @ray316 might be interested?
  2. cyberknight

    crud mk 3 woes

    after a year the duo tec strips that hold the gaurds onto the bike look worn , i know you can order replacement strips that attatch to the frame but i dont know how to replace the ones on the gaurds themselves ? Had to take the front one off yesterday as it refuses to stay secure
  3. Z

    Crud Roadracer MK3 Mudguards

    Crud clip on mudguards. Brand new in box. Never fitted to bike. I did no more than open the box to offer up the rear mudguard to the bike when I realised that they would not fit my E-bike very neatly due to the enlarged bottom bracket which houses the motor. :angry: I'll pop up a picture later...
  4. andsaw

    Crud Roadracer Brush Pile Strips Replacement

    I bought this for replacing the pile strips that don't last long and quite expensive to replace, don't know how long the sticky bit will last but can use some Uhu type glue to stick them which does work, i got the 9mm one has plenty of pile on it...
  5. cyberknight

    crud mk 2 spares

    has anyone got a crud mk 2 mudgaurd main part spare please? The one in my parts bin had a chunk out and it doesn't hold its shape and rubs like crazy on the top of the tyre.
  6. Spartak

    Crud Roadracer mk. 2 Mudguards

    Anyone got a set of these lying around that they don't use anymore.
  7. Dec66

    Ground in crud on frame

    What's the best thing to get rid of 15 years of ground in crud from an ally frame, whilst leaving paintwork and decals intact? Spirit vinegar? Oxalic acid? T-Cut?
  8. mangid

    Crud Racer Mk3

    Put Crud Racer Mk3 on the back yesterday afternoon, was careful to ensure stays were clean, baby wipes and alcohol wipes. Really pushed hard to ensure pad was stuck, and was left for a good 12 hours. It came unstuck on my commute this morning, after maybe 34miles, was mildly moist here in...
  9. pawl

    Crud road racer Mk3

    Has any CCrs any experience of the new Crud road racer.According to the blurb these guards have more clearance than the Mk2 I have the Mk2 on my OCR Giant which are fine with 23C tyres.Would like to fit 25c.but unsure if theMk3 has enough clearance
  10. Banjo

    Raffle over.Free crud road racer mk 2 clip on mud guards .Raffle

    I have a full set of used but still serviceable mk 2 road racer guards. If more than one person wants them will draw name out of a hat in a week or so. Theres also an older mk 1 set included for spares (most bits interchangeable ) and some spare self adhesive rubbing strip. You can google...
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