cycle path

  1. Joey Shabadoo

    Wire stretched across cycle path Dunno if this has been posted elsewhere but be careful if you're cycling around Edinburgh
  2. Gasman

    Cycle path?

    I dunno, looks a bit winding and indirect to me.
  3. youngoldbloke

    Chippenham Calne cycle path under threat

    Just received notice of this keep the Calne Chippenham cycle path open. Please sign!
  4. Ming the Merciless

    Scrapped HS2 cycle path 5 times better return than railway
  5. Dave 123

    Obstacle on cycle path...

    For over a week now there has been a slight obstacle on the cycle path on Madingley Hill There is police aware tape on it. I contacted them on Monday to ask when they could be bothered to move it ‘It’s the councils responsibility ‘ So I did the online form at Cambs CC only to get an email...
  6. SpokeyDokey

    Lake Garda cycle path

    I ran a search and can't find a mention on CC - if it's been posted before let me know and I'll delete. Looks like this could be fun when complete:
  7. OneArmedBandit

    Pedestrian called 999 to report me cycling on a cycle path...

    Had one of my most bizarre cycling experiences. Around me someone has gone round putting up lots of homemade signs saying cyclists must give way to pedestrians. Now whilst of course true, most people are sensible and if you ring your bell they kindly move to one side so you can pass. You don't...
  8. Alien8

    Cyclist spotted holding up traffic - while ignoring new £1.2m cycle path

    Well that's what the Cambridge Evening New says. Yes, it's the usual anal mutterings from the hard of understanding. But I was interested by their statement: Although cyclists don't have to use cycle paths, the Highway Code says: "If cycle routes are available cyclists should make use of...
  9. simon.r

    Who’s responsible for maintaining this cycle path? Section 30 of the Highways Act.

    This is a joint use cycle / foot path that I use regularly. I think we’d all agree it could do with a bit of maintenance to make it safe: This is the sign at the end of the path: This sign is a few feet away from the blue sign: The local council website directs me to the county council...
  10. S

    Well lit quiet cycle path.
  11. Glow worm

    New cycle path in Cambridgeshire now open

    Hopefully this will be of interest to some, but the long awaited cycle path between Quy and Lode (Anglesey Abbey) is now open. I took a spin along it earlier and below are a few pics. I think there is still some work to do on it, but it is now rideable. It cuts out a longish diversion via...
  12. albion

    Lets rescue Britains forgotten 1930s cycleways.

    View: This is the video from Carlton Reids ongoing effort to protect and advance Britains forgotten protected cycleways. Click direct into youtube and you can view Carltons original kickstart intro video. I do not have a link for that one..
  13. PeteXXX

    Bangor to Conway cycle path

    In a couple of weeks, I'm hoping to do a few miles around Anglesey, then over the old Menai bridge to Conway castle. Question is, what's the bike path like from Bangor to Conway (and can I cycle across the old Menai bridge?) I'm sure I won't want to ride along the A55! Cheers :smile:
  14. captain nemo1701

    Irresponsible Scout Leaders blocking cycle path

    This took the biscuit tonight on my way home. I have posted about the segregated cycle path on Cattle Market Road in Bristol being used as a free car park by anglers but what I encountered this evening staggered me. Parked up blocking the cycle path were: Two cars One minibus with trailer 20...
  15. Will Spin

    New Cycle Path South of Petersfield

    The new shared use cycle path has opened linking the Causeway in Petersfield (Hants) with Queen Elizabeth Country park. This now links up with another cycle path alongside the A3 to provide a safe route over the south downs which avoids steep climbs (ie over Butser Hill).
  16. jefmcg

    Glow in the dark bicycle path
  17. captain nemo1701

    Cycle Path problems in the Netherlands

    I've had encounters with the occasional motorcycle on the Bristol Railway Path, even once saw some numpties on a quad bike, but this takes the biscuit for me. From the Netherlands, of all places:ohmy:. I hope the cyclist reported them.
  18. M

    Where do shared cycle paths end?

    I usually cycle on the road but there has been a diversion so I moved over to a shared pavement as indicated by a blue sign with person and cyclist image. The sign is located on a wide quiet part of pavement which continues over a pedestrian crossing displaying the green person and also green...
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