cycling proficiency

  1. H

    Cycling Proficiency Test

    Some 50 years ago the UK Government thought it would improve road safety for primary schools to train children how to ride bicycles on the public highway. Our class was trained by the village policeman whose hand signal instruction to turn left was 'Stick your right arm out and turn it...
  2. Cycleops

    Cycling Proficiency

    Did anyone ever get one of these? I never did but I remember the police going around to schools testing cyclists: Would it be a good idea to introduce it again? And what about for mature riders?
  3. U

    when and where do kids do the cycling proficiency these days?

    my lad is in year 6 at school and school haven't mentioned it. Do you have to sort something yourself and if so who runs them. We are in Trafford, Greater Manchester.
  4. Biff600

    Cycling Proficiency Badge

    I found this today whilst poking about a box of old stuff in the attic. Has anyone else still got one of the little metal badges ?? Just waiting for the 'We don't need no stinking badges' comments lol
  5. summerdays

    Have you passed your Cycling Proficiency?

    In another thread "cyclists are their own worst enemy", there was a quote from a member of the public saying that cyclists should have passed their Cycling proficiency in this post I suspect that a large majority have, I know I did .... In the playground with the cones and the police officer...
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