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    De rosa sk pininfarina 2016

    Has anyone any experience with headset issues on these bikes? the problem being is when applying the front brake the wheel is pulling back under load far to much. The headset and bearings have been changed but still the same issue. the problem appears to be coming from the lower fork, in what...
  2. S

    Bike Value? - De Rosa Planet

    Hi all, I posted a short while ago regarding my DeRosa Planet I am planning to sell. I got it of a work colleague a few years ago but I have now "gone electric" and not used the bike for a few years so decided to have a bit of a clear out. Can't find anything similar to get a price indication...
  3. B

    My very first 'Which bike' thread: De Rosa Idol DA or Cervelo R3 Disc

    Now before anybody replies with 'ride them and get the one you prefer', I will just point out that ideally I'm looking for useful feedback from people who might have direct experience, also welcome would be any suggestions of other bikes which I should take a look at. I would love to be in a...
  4. C

    Yeller De Rosa ?

    Is this a De Rosa, or another member of the 'heart cut-out lugs gang ? - Also wondering approx.what year? The little reinforcing piece between the rear lower fork arms close to the seat is interesting, and fairly distinctive. I haven't put it on any scales, but the frame + forks are incredibly...
  5. DCLane

    Gone for a Cervelo S3 instead of a Litespeed C1 or De Rosa SuperKing 888

    Hypothetically (because I've managed to shrink him using my shrink ray gun) my youngest needs a new race bike, or at least he will in the next 6 months. I've seen a couple that are close to our budget: A Litespeed C1, or A De Rosa SuperKing 888 The Litespeed's cheaper but with Ultregra and the...
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    Delete - wrong sub-forum!

    @Moderators Delete please because I'm a dimwit!
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