1. B


    hi I have type 2 diabetes for the last 2 years tablet controlled are there any others who are similar and how does it affect your cycling ie when touring
  2. simon the viking

    My ebook Sugar Beat is half price at moment

    EDIT: @Shaun has allowed this post as a one-off due to the discount being offered. My Best selling ebook (previously top ten paid in both cycling and health categories) is half price at just 99p at the moment (was £1.99). It chronicles my diagnosis of T2 diabetes and my fight from couch potato...
  3. Nigel182

    Cycling with Type 2 Diabetes.

    Recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes before this was starting to suffer from excessive very painful and prolonged Leg Cramps when cycling around 20 miles eating as i normally had. increased thirst and headaches lead me (unusually for me) to book a doctors appointment several blood tests...
  4. Firestorm

    Type 2 diabetes - what energy bars / gels

    I never really had a problem with going out first thing in the morning without eating. Probably as I wasn't doing more than 20 miles and may be because I had enough sugar in my blood stream to cope... However, having been told that I am type 2 and I needed to get my blood glucose levels down I...
  5. gbs

    Diabetes and cake stops etc

    Recently I was diagonosed as diabetic, albeit marginally so. Not a classic type 2 in that my BMI has always been around 23/24, I exercise a lot and generally eschew sugary foods. I am making good progress according to blood sugar tests by cutting done on wine, honey, chocolate and fruit juice...
  6. Brian Stacks

    Diabetes and cycling

    Does anyone else have the issue of being diabetic and can you give me good advice on how to maintain energy levels over a long distance?
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