drink driving

  1. Accy cyclist

    Wayne Rooney arrested on suspicion of drink driving

    What is wrong with him? What kind of idiot drives under the influence of alcohol,when they can easily afford a taxi? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-4843376/Wayne-Rooney-arrested-suspicion-drink-driving.html Note.. what kind of idiot drives under the influence of...
  2. steveindenmark

    Mobile phones overtake drink driving

    Reported in the Danish newspapers this week. In Denmark there are now more accidents caused by people using mobile phones than there are accidents caused by drink drivers. My first thought is if they can prove that is the case, then they should make the penalty the same as drink driving.
  3. Trickedem

    Double the drink drive limit and still not banned WTF

    This story in the Standard sums up everything that is wrong with our car dependent culture. I really couldn't believe this story. Can't be banned because he drives thousands of miles a year. Aaaargh. WTF
  4. Chris S

    Hit-and-run bishop kills cyclist

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