flat pedal

  1. Borderman

    Flat pedal suggestions for road/gravel bike please

    Not another pedal question! Yes. You may hate this topic with a passion, especially as it has been covered many times before. However, pedals are a very personal thing and other topics of the same or similar theme are focussed on an individual's needs. I am interested in new flat pedals for my...
  2. U

    Flat pedal shoes

    Since moving to Edinburgh I've been commuting on my Brompton with it's standard pedals. I wish to keep with the original pedals but need dome shoes with a more rigid sole than the trainers I have been using to date. Something with an element of weatherproofing would be nice too. Any suggestions...
  3. N

    MTB flat pedal with pins for commute?

    I may should ask this in commute forum but guess people here may understand the pedals and shoes I am going to talk about more. So here it goes: I have only used basic flat pedals (no pins). Then switched to spd clipless for commuting in London (inc some part of central London). Now thinking of...
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