1. confusedcyclist

    Any experiences of NCN66 route? (Specifically Spen Valley Greenway, Cleckheaton to Bradford Centre)

    Hi all, Bit of a niche question, but trying my chances nonetheless. I'm relocating to Gomersal, Kirklees from Pudsey Leeds in the next few weeks which will drastically change my commute, I'm just planning my new commute to work in Bradford. Is there anyone here who has ridden the NCN66 Spen...
  2. Drewski

    England : North Yorkshire Anyone familiar With The Nidderdale Greenway?

    I'm driving my Dad up to Ripley tomorrow for his annual works do so thought I'd take the bike and go for a leisurely ride while he's filling his face. The Nidderdale Greenway looks perfect, can anyone recommend somewhere safe to park the car please? The nearer to Ripley Castle the better as his...
  3. madferret

    Greenway Fixed?

    Hi, I just made a bit of an impulse buy as riding fixed intrigues me. Got this on Ebay, but can't find out much information about it, does anyone have any experience of this brand/bike? Don't pick it up till Sunday evening. Frame: 7005 ALLUMINIUM Fork: 7005 ALLUMINIUM BIKE DESIGNED IN...
  4. classic33

    Dublin to Galway cycle route

    Dublin to Galway, by bike "Cyclists will soon be able to travel from Dublin to Galway along the first cross-country off-road trail in Ireland. For both cyclists and walkers, the route is certain to quickly become a tourist asset and a boost to businesses lining the way. In alliance with...
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