1. Sloth

    Handle bar end risers and ergonomic grips....

    I think I want to add some extension riser bars onto my handle bars. I want those that rise up approx 90 deg from the end of the bars and thereby offer an alterbpnative position for the hands, almost the opposite to drop bars. I need to buy some more ergonomic grips and I will then add the...
  2. weareHKR

    MTB Handlebar Grips

    Anyone have a preference on the bar grips they use? Not necessarily for Mountain Biking but general street use as well?
  3. H

    Which ergon grips standard or nexus?!?!

    Hi guys in the market 4 a new set of grips for my Whyte Shoreditch. Just not sure which option to go 4. Anyone be able 2 point me in the right direction. Much appreciated for any help.
  4. Z

    Cassettes and Hand Grips

    I have 2 cassettes for sale. Both lightly used and in good condition. 9 speed Sram 11-32. SOLD 10 speed Shimano 11-25 £12 each, posted within the UK Also, some leather ergonomic hand grips. Light marks from use, but no damage. £10 posted.
  5. Justinitus

    **SOLD** Ergon GA1 Grips - PRICE DROP!

    The mini clearout continues! Ergon GA1 Evo grips in black complete with end caps. These came fitted to a new bike and I swapped them immediately for some GP2’s. So as new but no packaging. These are superb grips and very comfortable. I’ve had no tingly numbness in my hands since switching to...
  6. ukoldschool

    Ergon GP grips with bar ends on S type

    HI, does anyone know off hand which GP grips I need to keep the fold and not have to move the levers? GP2? Short or Long? thanks!
  7. Freelanderuk

    Ergon gp3 grips. ***SOLD***

    A pair of used ergon for bar grips , a few marks as would be expected with use £22.50 posted Now sold
  8. airborneal

    Cannondale Grind Grips 'Bind it Grind It' £7.95 posted

    As per title and pics, New still on card [note crease on card from storage. £5.50 plus postage [£2.95] Total £8.45
  9. A

    Putting bar ends on bike with grips.

    So I have an 401 discovery with chunky grips on the handlebar grips. Maybe this is obvious but can I put bar ends on. Would I have to cut into the grip ends before I could do this. Maybe cut an inch or so off the end, which I don't really want to do?
  10. BigAndyH

    *GONE* Ergon GP1 Grips

    Some people swear by them, but I found myself swearing at them, so they've got to go. Only on the bike for about a month so in excellent condition. Free to good home but £3.00 to cover postage please.
  11. zomarzi

    Ergon GP1 Leather Grips

    Standard size minimal usage £38 Posted.
  12. NickTB

    Ergon grips Vs. Evans own

    Morning all, I'm in the market for new grips and want ergonomic ones. After a bit of research, I'm looking at the the Ergon GP1 or Evans own FWE grips They both look similar, but Evans are coming in a tenner or so cheaper. Has anyone had experience of either of the above? Thanks in advance, Nick
  13. bernieUK

    Brooks Leather Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips (Black)

    Unwanted gift! Fitted to my bike (just so the gift givers feeling would not be hurt) and then taken off. The grips have never been used as such. RRP is around £65.00 upwards! These grips are the standard set - ie both grips are 13cm long! - and NOT Rohloff/Nexus! £55.00 (ish). No offer is too...
  14. Salty seadog

    Recommend me some handlebar grips....

    Hi all, any recommendation for a set of mountain bike grips, slip on or lock on that are compatible with bar ends. Comfort is important. Could be a lollipop in it for you.... cheers, ssd
  15. S

    Get a grip

    hi folks i am thinking of upgrading my handlebar grips on my hybrid as the ones that are on at the moment are pretty pants.any recommendations? i dont want to spend a fortune i have a half decent pair of fingerless gloves but think i would benifit from some better grips,any advice would be...
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