1. T


    Does anyone use GT85 to clean their drivetrain? I seen a YouTuber (Francis Cade) do it and it looks a super efficient and cost effective way of doing so.
  2. johnnyb47

    Is Gt85 safe on carbon?

    Hi and hope you're all well.. Today I've been bike cleaning. The old steely Peugeot has had a good clean down and I've always found Gt85 to be brilliant at giving its old red bright paint work a real shine. It looks amazing now and feel reluctant to take it out tomorrow, but needs must . After...
  3. Drago

    GT85 - it's quite good

    It seems people quite like GT85. They're bathing in it, using it as aftershave...mark my words, they'll be using it on their bikes next! So what do you use GT85 for that isn't bike related? I use it on my gym equipment and weight discs to keep them clean and protect them from corrosion.
  4. Wolfie4560

    GT85 at Tesco*awin*gmo*Gratisfaction+UK_201465&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*Gratisfaction+UK_201465 £2........... I can't see this...
  5. Dec66


    So, I have a safety razor, I need to change the blade, the handle's jammed and I can't turn it. I sprayed it with a great deal of GT85 to try to free it up. In doing so I got it all over me hands. I washed them. I'm eating a bowl of salted peanuts. My mouth tastes of GT85. What's the best...
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