1. ianrauk

    London Edinburgh London 2022

    I think it was inevitable really and probably the right call.
  2. O

    How do people do the LEL?

    I watched a documentary about people doing the LEL on amazon prime and I just don't know how people do it! People on cycle chat who have done the LEL- how did you prepare and for how long? What was your strategy for completing it during the ride? How did things work with sleep- how many hours...
  3. A

    LEL audax is it possible?

    I have watched on amazon prime a documentary about people taking part in the LEL audax event. Apparently they have 5 days to cycle 1400km so that’s like 290km a day. The next one is coming up in 2021 apparently. I would love to take part but I don’t think I am a strong enough cyclist to be able...
  4. middleagecyclist

    LEL frame/mudguard stickers

    In 2013 and 2017 I organised and sold authorised LEL frame/mudguard stickers with all profits going to charity. I have met a few people recently who didn't know about them and, as i have a some left, am offering them for sale again on the same basis. 1 for £2.00 or 7 for £6.00, inc P&P. Happy...
  5. steveindenmark

    LEL film

    I fancy having a go at this. The idea of hanging out with hundreds of people, from all over the World, who must be barking mad. Appeals to me. Watch the film. https://londonedinburghlondon.com/
  6. Fubar

    First Audax, The Erit Lass 2015 Report - Now What???

    Ok so for those of you who have been following THIS thread the background to this is well versed – for the poor souls who are uninitiated the story goes thus: I decided 6 weeks ago it was about time I did an Audax. The notion had been floating around for a while but I was either not ready or...
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