1. Peugeotrider

    Lighting minefield

    Browsing through eBay,Amazon does one choose a light these days with the selection available! There are loads to choose from! I'm planning to ride a local towpath at night,about 35 miles all in and it's pitch black,no lighting at all. Since I'm not a regular night rider, I don't want...
  2. MarkF

    Garage Led Wireless Lighting

    I need some light in my garage and I don't have a power supply to it, it's some distance from my house. I don't need mega light but enough to find things, do a bit of bike work over winter etc. Any recommendations?:okay:
  3. Richard A Thackeray

    Hope Lighting Problem

    I've been given a set of Hope Lights, by a work collegue/friend, that aren't working It's a R800 I've pulled them apart, short of the switch, as I have Torx-drivers, but not the tamper-proof derivatives It is thought, that the cable, to the PCB is playing up, so no power is there I was...
  4. airborneal

    Sigma Lighting & Computer Parts Spares Boxed Old Stock

    Two boxes of the above, must be hundreds of individual items, hopefully someone can make use of them £8.50 each posted or £14 for pair
  5. Gez73

    No longer available! Thule towball carrier and Halfords Lighting Board for sale.

    As per title. Two bike carrier . Requires towball. Will include small combination lock for the carrier.Lighting board too. Seven pin electric socket needed for that. Two strong reusable cable ties included. Collection only, Hadfield near Glossop. £45 for both, or £35 for the carrier and ten...
  6. cosmicbike

    Can Somebody Please Explain Dynamo Lighting To Me?

    As a year round rider, I'm starting to look at 'better' lighting options. So far these are battery driven which I use on my road bikes. My commuter (Boarman CX Team, of 2015 vintage), currently uses 2 x SMART lights on the front, each powered by 2 x AA rechargeables, and 2 x Cateye LD-600's on...
  7. mjr

    Lighting (no, not that sort) and wiring

    There's a lot more people here who are far more experienced with tools and wiring and stuff than I am, so I throw myself onto your advice. I think there's a fault on the lighting wiring in between the ceiling and the floor. One of the inset spotlights is flickering and when I remove the bulb...
  8. Scoosh

    Under unit Kitchen lighting

    We have a number of T4 fluorescent tubes (7x 500 and 1x 370mm holder size) for under unit lighting in our kitchen, linked together 'daisy-chain' style with, I think, just the 1 mains power supply. Frankly, they are rubbish :angry:; the tubes give up after about 3 months, get replaced, then soon...
  9. srw

    Dynamo lighting system

    I've got a Trek mountain bike which I've converted to a hybridish sort of bike (slick tyres, rack) and I'm now looking to make it winter-proof. Neither wheel is exactly in the first flush of youth, so I figure I might as well replace the wheels too while I'm about it. I've put the package below...
  10. P

    Lighting traffic-free cycleways

    Hi all, I'm involved in building and improving a network of traffic-free cycle paths. They are mainly built on former railway lines so tend to be in cuttings for much of their routes with very little or no natural surveillance. They also tend to act as wildlife corridors in what is generally...
  11. mjr

    Street Lighting Times

    Has anyone else noticed that the street lights on Highways England's roads come on before the street lights on local council roads?
  12. jefmcg

    What's going on with the cyclist in this image?

    It's illustrating a Guardian article about Oxford Street (no mention of cyclists in the main article), but I am mystified by the cyclist. Has she an Ironman style power pack replacing her heart, or is it a weird photographic artefact, and it's in from the taxi behind her?
  13. andytheflyer

    LED Strip lighting

    Having a new kitchen this week - the old one did 25 years, 3 kids (including a rock band and at least 2 girls football teams) and 2 dogs, so does not owe me anything. Have junked the fluorescent tube fittings for lighting above and below the wall units (they were well past their best) and am...
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