1. Anthony.R.Brown

    Eddy Merckx Backing Mark Cavendish There is a reason Why & How it's possible for some of us to break records!...

    There is a reason Why & How it's possible for some of us to break records!... "But that fails to allow for the fact that riders such as Cavendish, such as Merckx, are wired differently from normal human beings. They are driven in a way most of us cannot comprehend. It is what separates the...
  2. rogerzilla

    Eddy Merckx Strada OS finished

    Team Telekom 1995 colours, components mostly DA of various ages. Only half a pound lighter than Olaf Ludwig's team Titane, although his was a slightly larger frame (60.5cm, mine is 59cm and Columbus Brain Custom steel). Argos did the paint. Olaf's has the Eddy Merckx name applied using spray...
  3. M

    Merckx v Armstrong

    I don’t know much on cycling history, so I was really surprised to read that Eddy Merckx is recognised as having used performance enhancing drugs. Merckx is mentioned often in commentary but I don’t recall his drug use being mentioned. I am not a fan of Lance Armstrong but it seems an...
  4. booze and cake

    Eddy Merckx EX Titanium 1996

    My Eddy has just discovered it has a sibling from an overseas relationship Eddy senior had in the 1990's. Apparently Eddy Merckx had a custom Pino Morroni titanium stem on the Colnago built bike he rode...
  5. woodbutcher

    Eddy Merckx

    Keeping my fingers crossed
  6. netman

    Oliver Naesen rides steel Eddy Merckx bike on the Champs Elysees

    Not strictly vintage, but thought this might be appreciated most here! Be interested to know what it weighed!
  7. Kevinski66

    Vintage track frame Make ?? Merckx???

    Can anyone assist with the possible make of this track frame please ??
  8. booze and cake

    Eddy Merckx Team Panasonic 1985, a classic reborn

    2017 was my biggest cycling mileage year, I clocked up over 10,000 miles and as such felt a reward was in order. I've been squirrelling away shiny parts acquired throughout the year from eBay like a cycling Golum, and when a frame came up locally that ticked all my cycling boxes, steel, blue...
  9. C

    What is the font on this Merckx jersey?

    Thinking about having a custom jersey done in a classic style and really like this Eddy Merckx. What do you think the lettering font style is? Thanks Edit - hope this works Jersey by Cronorider posted 9 Aug 2017 at 07:12
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