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  1. robgul

    SOLD Park Tool CP 1 Cassette Pliers - as new

    As available at Wiggle and other stores at about £64. - giant pair of pliers - better than a normal chain whip (damage to your knuckles is reduced!!! ^_^) These are as new - I have a pair that I use all the time and was given another pair as a gift. £40 posted to a UK mainland address -...
  2. Dale 1956

    Park tool decals

    Anyone know where I can get a few sets of Park Decals I need a few for my tool box's. I have one but need three more.
  3. robgul

    Park Tool - complete wheel-building/truing set up.

    Complete wheel-building/truing kit - all AS NEW with very minimal use. I'm pruning the tools in my workshop, some are duplicated and some I don't use very often - there may be more to follow . . . I really want to sell this as one lot for £400.00. Collect from Stratford-upon-Avon or I will...
  4. B

    Adapting a Park Tools Pcs9 for bench use.

    Any suggestions on how to fix the clamp of the pcs9 to a bench? I don’t want to have to buy a bench mount and the complete stand is too big for my workshop.
  5. H

    Park Tool WAG-4 Wheel Dishing Gauge

    Bought for me at Christmas but although a well intended gift it isn't ever going to be used in reality so hope it can find a new home. It's brand new and I have taken it out of the plastic bag but not used it. Royal Mail are quoting £12 to post it but it looks like My Hermes can deliver for...
  6. K

    Park Tool Big Blue book of Bicycle repair and Cyclecraft book

    Both in excellent condition £13 posted for both. Rather sell together because of postage costs
  7. J

    Park tools

    i am in praise of this dream piece of kit from park tools. Not only did it make feeding disc brake outer through the frame an absolute doddle, it also made feeding the same outer through my aerobars a cinch too
  8. chriscross1966

    Correct Park Tool pin sracketpanner for old loose spindle Campagnolo Athena bottom b

    Hi folks, does anyone know if there's an exact model Park Tool to fit the non-drive side of the old loose-axle Campagnolo bottom brackets... I've just bought an Athena and it uses a pin-spanner rather than what I consider to be a normal bottom bracket tool. I know they do several adjustable...
  9. Dirtyhanz

    Park tool CT3

    park tool CT3 Park chain tool this was my spare one so has had very little use In good condition Looking for £15 posted
  10. Dirtyhanz

    Park tool HHP-2 sold

    Park tools HHP-2 A few marks from where it has been stored in a box works fine looking for £60 posted Thanks
  11. simongt

    Park Tool chain cleaner.

    Bought one of the above recently and used it for the first time on Sunday. Two hub geared and one derailleur bike. Worked an absolute treat, good solid build and none of the components fall out when it is being rinsed, unlike the one I was using up until now. A little trickier on the hub geared...
  12. dbeattie

    Park Tool AWS-4

    Not sure if this is the place for this but since this is where the folk who like old stuff hang out.. I must have had this for 30 years or so. I can't find anything about when it was produced. Still use it. Anyone else got one?
  13. Dirtyhanz

    SOLD: TW5 park tool torque wrench

    Hi I have TW5 park tool torque wrench in good condition not been used much looking for £40 posted Thanks
  14. e-rider

    Park Tool BBT-19 BB tool with Shimano adaptor NOW SOLD
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