Park Tool chain cleaner.


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Bought one of the above recently and used it for the first time on Sunday. Two hub geared and one derailleur bike. Worked an absolute treat, good solid build and none of the components fall out when it is being rinsed, unlike the one I was using up until now. A little trickier on the hub geared bikes, but at least it CAN be used on a 'straight chain'. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Anyone else used this little gem - ?
I had one, used once, then someone gullible on ebay bought it as, quite genuinely "hardly used". If it was you who bought it, then of course "excellent item"


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I used to use one then I discovered that the cleaning fluid was dribbling down the "legs" of the chainring and getting inside the BB bearings so I stopped using it.


I have a Chinese rip off copy of the Park - it's better than the Park (which I use at the bike shop where I work part-time) - IIRC mine cost £3 or 4.

I've started using Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner (in an aerosol can) and that really does work well.

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