1. chriswoody

    Traditional balsa wood free flight aeroplanes.

    When I was younger I had a bit of a thing for Airfix kits and it's safe to say I wasn't much kop at it. I also had a go at building a free flight plane from balsa wood and that didn't go terribly well either! Roll forward a few decades and as the Autumn nights start to draw in, I had a bit of an...
  2. kj92

    How to bring your Brompton abroad

    Evening all! I'm wondering how I can take my trusty Brompton on a flight with me (once the COVID situation is all done and dusted, of course). Note that my B75 still doesn't have any folding pedals but probably will be needed to be more compact, right? Preferably hand luggage, but open to...
  3. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Trains and boats and planes

    Friday night music is: Trains and boats and planes Jethro Tull ~ Locomotive Breath
  4. Beebo

    CC examines - Emotional support dogs on planes.

    This story of dogs in tutus made me chuckle, the dogs seemed more stressed than the owners. If I was a passenger I would have been livid. It seems to be an American thing, but we all know that what happens in America comes to the UK a few...
  5. Cuchilo

    RC planes

    Anyone fly ? I'm crashing lots right now so looking for tips ......... on spare parts :laugh:
  6. Spinney

    The plane enthusiasts thread

    If the rail enthusiasts have a thread, I thought the plane enthusiasts should too... Here's a woman who has just completed Amy Johnson's flight to Australia in a biplane, although with a bit more support than Amy had!
  7. Over The Hill

    The Last Vulcan Flight

    Driving back down the M40 on Sunday, suddenly there was an amazing sight of a Vulcan bomber right in the middle of a steep turn - where they just seem to be hanging sideways in the air for ages not moving. Fantastic and really close to the road. This is not my shot but it was like this ---...
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