rear gears

  1. M

    Rear gears jumping

    Any thoughts on why my gears are jumping from the lower gear to the next one higher at random times,new bike as well
  2. gazza81

    Trouble with rear gears

    I'm having trouble adjusting my rear gears, I've set the limit screws for the smallest cog and the biggest cog. What seems to happen is with the chain in the smallest cog I change up one Gear to the next biggest cog if it doesn't change i tighen the cable via the cable retention screw. Once it...
  3. T675Rich

    What am I doing to cause my rear gears to slip?

    I have had my new bike for about a month now and I have taken it back to the shop a couple of times as I am having a recurring issue of the chain slipping at the back when I use easier gears. It is a big problem in 1-3 and 1-2 (if I am using the right numbering 1 at the front) and I am going up...
  4. RegG

    Cost of rear mech check and adjustment?

    Following my recent 'clipless moment', the chain has been a bit jumpy on the rear mech and despite having a go at adjusting it myself it's still not right. I called in at a LBS (well respected) today and had a chat with the guy there. After explaining the problem (didn't have the bike with me)...
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