rear gears

  1. T675Rich

    What am I doing to cause my rear gears to slip?

    I have had my new bike for about a month now and I have taken it back to the shop a couple of times as I am having a recurring issue of the chain slipping at the back when I use easier gears. It is a big problem in 1-3 and 1-2 (if I am using the right numbering 1 at the front) and I am going up...
  2. RegG

    Cost of rear mech check and adjustment?

    Following my recent 'clipless moment', the chain has been a bit jumpy on the rear mech and despite having a go at adjusting it myself it's still not right. I called in at a LBS (well respected) today and had a chat with the guy there. After explaining the problem (didn't have the bike with me)...
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