1. stuarttunstall

    Wheel reflectors

    Just cleaned the bike and decided to remove the reflectors from the wheels after 2 years... must admit black bike, black wheels looks 100% better without them :)
  2. jefmcg

    Pedal Reflectors and Godwin's Law

    Just stumbled on this fascinating article.
  3. Snorrarcisco

    Lights and Reflectors

    According to the RVLR one requires a front and back lamp flashing or not flashing according to some limitations but what puzzles me is the following it claims one needs rear reflector (i assume this could be on the person or bike mounted) but also one needs 4 pedal reflectors. Now how do you go...
  4. flake99please

    Fitted lights & bike reflectors... How 'legal' are we all really?

    In light of recent 'discussions' regarding the legality of BS approved/non approved lights, light colours, reflectors, etc. I am genuinely interested in the number of forum users that are truly 'road legal' when they are riding. I myself fall into the non BS approved lights, and no reflectors...
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