1. MrGrumpy

    Decathlon Elops 500 rucksack

    Anyone got one of these ? Looks like an ortlieb knock off ? At half the price. Currently using a Timbuck2 messenger bag , have done for last 3-4 years . It’s a quality bit of kit but it’s a wee bit small for what I need to carry.
  2. dhd.evans

    Commuting - Rucksack Choices

    I recently binned my trusty Aldi rucksack after it finally started to come apart and replaced it with another special buy one I had kicking around. Unfortunately, the new one is a bit rubbish. It's tiny and barely fits my towel and work kit. Anyway, i'm now in the market for a newer, better...
  3. Sixmile

    PacParka Rucksack Cover

    Black or orange Pacparka cover. They comfortably fit up to 20L bags and have a bit of reflective detailing. Brand new and unused. £5 each - delivered UK (2nd class)
  4. U

    FS Osprey Syncro Mountain bike rucksack 15L

    Hi I'm selling this as its a bit too long for my back, I'm very small. They cost new £50-£75 depending on where you buy them.Its the grey one. Its immaculate as I've only used it about 3x and its got a rain cover and all the bells and whistles,like loads of pockets etc. Its this one...
  5. MrGrumpy

    Rucksack for commuting and traveling

    Just on the look out for a bag for taking on the plane this summer and thought maybe best getting something that can do it all for not too much cash. Normally have messenger bag but not that handy for the holidays. So spotted this in decathlon, anyone used it , I think there are other makes out...
  6. atalanta

    Secondhand rucksack - Osprey, Deuter etc.

    Hi all - anyone got a spare or unused cycling rucksack kicking around? Happy to haggle over it with you. Good back panel ventilation a must!
  7. Bimble

    Do you prefer panniers, backpack, messenger bag or something else for your commute?

    I see a wide range of commuters on my rides to and from work and I've noticed there's quite a broad range of bikes, clothing, and carriers people use for lugging their kit. I started out with a backpack I got from Edinburgh Cycle Coop, and after reading about racks and panniers on CC I invested...
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