1. Lisa21

    Specialised Sirrus Carbon

    Hiya! I'm sadly selling my bike as I just don't use it any more and it's too lovely to be neglected. It's always lived inside and been looked after. Im located in North Wales, just outside Abergele. Looking for around £750
  2. E

    Specialized Sirrus 2016

    Hi Does anyone know what is the max tire clearance on this bike? I think it is the disc model from 2016 with alu fork, interested to buy one to use as a beater and a pub bike
  3. Lisa21

    Help!!! New bike!!!

    Hi everyone.. I'm back!!! :dance:Its time to rehome my trusty Carrera Vulcan MTB and replace it with something which will re-ignite my cycling spark. Ive decided on a Hybrid as most of my riding is roads, cycle paths, canal towpaths and often pot-holey lanes. I don't want a Boardman as I know...
  4. CycleChat

    Specialized Sirrus Disc 700c 2017 from £445.99 @ Tredz (XS / S / XL)
  5. Shaun

    2005 Specialized Sirrus Elite crank snapped: Replace just cranks or full drivetrain?

    The right-side crank on my trusty Spesh commuter snapped tonight as I was setting off at a roundabout (Sugino 52/42/30), and I wondered whether it would be better to replace the whole drivetrain, given the years of service I've had from it, or whether a new pair of cranks would be okay? I'm...
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