1. E

    Specialized Sirrus 2016

    Hi Does anyone know what is the max tire clearance on this bike? I think it is the disc model from 2016 with alu fork, interested to buy one to use as a beater and a pub bike
  2. Lisa21

    Help!!! New bike!!!

    Hi everyone.. I'm back!!! :dance:Its time to rehome my trusty Carrera Vulcan MTB and replace it with something which will re-ignite my cycling spark. Ive decided on a Hybrid as most of my riding is roads, cycle paths, canal towpaths and often pot-holey lanes. I don't want a Boardman as I know...
  3. CycleChat

    Specialized Sirrus Disc 700c 2017 from £445.99 @ Tredz (XS / S / XL)
  4. Shaun

    2005 Specialized Sirrus Elite crank snapped: Replace just cranks or full drivetrain?

    The right-side crank on my trusty Spesh commuter snapped tonight as I was setting off at a roundabout (Sugino 52/42/30), and I wondered whether it would be better to replace the whole drivetrain, given the years of service I've had from it, or whether a new pair of cranks would be okay? I'm...
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