Specialized Sirrus Disc 700c 2017 from £445.99 @ Tredz (XS / S / XL)

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by CycleChat, 18 Jul 2017.

  1. CycleChat

    CycleChat Active Member

  2. Jason

    Jason Senior Member

    Carnaby Street
    now £419
  3. Soltydog

    Soltydog Guru

    near Hornsea
    only size S left now, so that's saved me a few quid, I could have been tempted :blush:
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  4. Jason

    Jason Senior Member

    Carnaby Street
    I'm in two minds to buy a specialised sirrus, or take my 20 year old steel hybrid to a restorer and ask him to paint , and stick disc wheels on , something like this appeals


    no doubt it will cost more than (circa) £450 notes for a spesh, but how much more?
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