1. nickg

    Cube attain gtc pro carbon disc (please discard)

    As the title really. 2017 in pretty much immaculate condition. Anybody got one any feedback please?
  2. Mfezela

    WANTED * 26" Disc ready wheelset

    Looking for a 26" wheelset. 32 hole, 30mm internal width rims. Disc ready, preferably cartridge bearing hubs. 100/130 QR axles. Ideally matched pair but not essential.
  3. youngoldbloke

    Disc Pad composition query

    I'm new to discs and my Orbea Gain has Tiagra hydraulics. I've finally worked out that the replacement pads are the same as those for 105 - Shimano Road BR-RS505/805. I also understand that 'resin' pads are specced ('resin only' inscribed on the rotors). Discobrakes for example doesn't list...
  4. Sterlo

    Turbo Trainer and disc brakes

    Might be a daft question but does anyone know if you can use a disc brake bike on a turbo trainer? I bought a trainer about a year ago from Halfords, it's just a basic one, and set it up with an old mountain bike which was gathering dust in the shed, but couldn't seem to get on with it. If we do...
  5. Grant Fondo

    *Removed from Sale* Ghost Nivolet Disc LC3 Ultegra for sale 58cm

    Planning to put this on Ebay next week, but wanted to see if a CC'er was interested first? Not used since last summer and in totally mint condition. Its a great spec endurance bike with new Ultegra R8000 carbon pedals. I put Schwalbe Durano 28c on but have the original Mavic 25c's if you want...
  6. jowwy

    Brand new disc wheelset

    I have for sale an unused disc wheelset with 10sp hub The hubs are shimano centre lock disc ( not 6 bolt) shimano Deore front hub 15x100 thru axle ( easily convertible to QR) shimano Deore 10spd rear hub 135mm QR (with skewer) dt Swiss 32 hole d444 rims £175 nearest offer plus £17 delivery...
  7. Outlaw Hobbs

    Switching disc wheels - is it simple?

    Just for the sake of clarity this is a question about wheels with disc brakes not the sort of wheels testers use on the rear. For winter entertainment I'm building a disc braked new bike and I'd like it to have two sets of wheels; a very light set for hill-climbs and a deep rim set for...
  8. johnnyb47

    Disc brake problems

    Hi. Please bare with me as no absolutely know nothing about disc brakes on bikes but mine seems to be suffering a few problems at the moment. On my mtb i have elixir 5 brakes fitted. The front works brilliantly but the back is not to good. When i pull the lever it pulls back almost to the bars...
  9. grellboy

    What type of disc brake calipers are these?

    Evening all. Calipers won't adjust anymore so gonna get some new ones, just confused by the variety. Post mount or the other type? (Direct mount?) The photo with the disc is the front - I guess this is a post mount? But what about the rear? Seems to mount directly on the frame? Am I correct? Do...
  10. R

    Disc brake alignment

    Brakes rubbing front and rear after son borrowed and promptly crashed newish mtb. Never had discs before, re aligned by loosening Allen bolts, hold brake on, then re tighten with brake on. Seemed to work. Is this the correct procedure?
  11. T

    Tiara 4700 shifters disc options

    I have a full Tiara 4700 groupset with callipers which I want to use for a new build. (I want to try titanium) thinking Vaare MPA or Spa Elan. What doc brakes could I get to use my existing shifters. Then I can rust buy wheels and callipers.
  12. addman100

    Mavic Aksium Disc Wheelset With 160mm rotors 12mm thru axle

    Mavic Aksium Disc Wheelset Less than 100 miles covered. Complete with 6 bolt 160mm rotors. 12mm thru axle fitment, axles not included Any questions please get in touch £165 including postage.
  13. TTSS

    SOLD - 54cm Surly Disc Trucker Frame Set

    Bought a new Surly Disc Trucker Frame set but I'm not going to build it up now. It's a 54 cm frame set that includes a fitted Cane Creek headset (£35) and genuine Surly seat collar. The photo of the built up bike is just a guide. It's this colour and this years model. I would prefer...
  14. chriscross1966

    Small wheel disc braked dynamos

    Hi folks... I'm looking for info on 100mm wide disc-braked dynamo hubs suitable for small wheels.... I know of a couple, an eye-wateringly expensive SON (it will be lovely, but it is expensive) and the Biologic Joules 3 Disc.... which isn't exactly cheap and seems to be almost unicorn rare...
  15. Kevoffthetee

    160mm rotors on mechanical disc brakes

    couple of questions in one if i may... my 160mm shimano rotors have resin only marked on them, but most pads say kevlar, sintered or organic. am I just being stupid in thinking non of them are compatible with my rotor. which other brands have multi pad use? I was watching some Avid BB5 rotors...
  16. HobbesOnTour

    Using a disc brake hub on a rim brake wheel?

    Hi folks, I just picked up my rear wheel after a hub upgrade and rebuild. The rim is a 36h Ryde Andra 30, the hub was upgraded to a Deore XT. Now, the hub they used is a disc brake hub and I use rim brakes. In the LBS they'v told me there is no difference in operation. Is this true? I imagine...
  17. gareth01244

    Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Disc 56cm now £395

    I have for sale my Synapse, its in great condition with just a couple of marks to the paint near the dropouts that dont spoil its appearance, it has the following extras Shimano R685 hydraulic shifters with calipers( just had new pads) FSA SLK 100mm stem FSA SLK 25.4 carbon seatpost 42cm wide...
  18. Kevoffthetee

    mechanical disc brake service/upgrade

    I've got a 2010 Giant Revel and its time for a brake service. its got the original callipers and pads. there still looks like there is plenty of meat on the pads but I'm getting a horrible squeaking. I don't think pads have a shelf life so considered changing pad material rather than the resin...
  19. Grievesy

    disc brakes squeak

    had my bike a few months new, changed the tyres on it to some Gatorskins, when I put the wheels back on, all was fine, but I've noticed that when I pull the brake lever hard the brake squeals as if I'm torturing the disc. I'm guessing this just isn't aligned correctly? tried taking the wheel off...
  20. Sunny Portrush

    Disc brakes/rim cleaning

    Hi, Completely new to having a bike with disc brakes? Do you still need to clean the rims on them, I did every time I go out on my other bikes. I`d probably still do it to make them look nice and last longer but is it absolutely necessary? Warm soapy water for my other bikes was good enough!
  21. Johnymak

    Zipp 950 rear disc

    Hi can anybody tell me when the zipp 950 disc was released I've found 1993 online not sure if its accurate
  22. ruscle298

    Ashima AiNeon Disc Brake Rotor 140mm

    Ashima AiNeon floating disc brake rotor. Black aluminum center spider carrier. ISO specified 3-bolt/6-bolt hub. 140mm. 71 grams. Has about 50 miles on it. On sale for $30
  23. ruscle298

    SRAM Avid Centerline Disc Brake Rotor 140mm

    SRAM Avid Centerline disc brake rotor. 140mm. Include 6 bolts for ISO specified hubs. Weight: 88 grams. Has about 5 miles on it. On sale for $30.
  24. 2old2care

    Who else has ordered a Ribble Endurance Slr Disc

    Just wondering if anyone else on the forum has ordered one, and what do they think of it?
  25. Richard A Thackeray

    Disc Brake 'Spacers'

    Not for the brake itself, but to allow the near-side mudguard stay, to clear the caliper Has anyone any suggestions? I know I could use a longer bolt & run a few nuts down the thread, but it's Senior Managements new bike, so that's not really viable (aesthetically unpleasing)
  26. citybabe

    Disc Wheel set

    I need new wheels on my Specialized Sirrus This is my work bike, touring bike and general all round bike. Any recommendations for a decent 9 speed disc set please
  27. rivers

    Wanted: 700c 10speed disc wheelset

    As above, looking for a second wheelset for my winter bike that I can put road tyres (25mm-32mm) onto (current wheelset has gravel tyres) for slightly quicker wet and/or winter club rides.
  28. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night - Disc Jockeys

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l0fH0dRUow
  29. D

    Rear wheel disc cover

    Has anyone got experience of a rear wheel disc cover/ jacket, not sure what they’re called? my 88mm wheel has broke and thinking of one of these for an Ironman coming up, can’t afford a new wheel yet , been looking second hand, so thinking along this line temporarily! cheers
  30. oldgreyandslow

    Decisions/decisions Boardman 9.8 disc or Synapse

    I know these are both ludicrously expensive. Wheelbase have the Synapse Hi Mod etap red at a reduced price https://www.wheelbase.co.uk/product/road-bikes/cannondale-synapse-hi-mod-disc-red-etap-2019-19cdalesynapsehmetap/ Which seems a comparable spec and price to the Boardman SLR 9.8 disc...
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