1. bikingdad90

    Tektro MD-C 510 flat mount disc brake calipers

    A pair of flat mount disc brake calipers with 160mm adaptors. They are single piston and in really good condition. Say £20 posted?
  2. alecstilleyedye

    hydraulic disc brake woes

    my shimano 105 disc brake levers have a lot of travel in them. replacing the pads is going to involve drilling out the pad retaining pin so i’m putting off changing them until they really need it. could i get a reduction in lever travel by bleeding the brakes?
  3. Dale 1956

    Surly Disc Trucker up grade

    Here are some pictures of my up grades to my Surly Disc Trucker 52cm I will say this was not to hard to do but it sure did cost me a lot of money to do it but I am very happy I did it.Whats new is a 48,36,26 Octalink crank set. With the BB-ES51 68mmx121mm this gave me a perfect chain line.I now...
  4. cougie uk

    Tightening Racing 600 disc brake wheels ?

    I have a bit of play in the front wheel. Can't find anything on the internet about adjusting them - apart from an old video suggesting it's the easiest thing in the world with a 2.5mm Allen key. My wheels aren't that design sadly. Nothing to grab.
  5. further

    Specialized Tricross Disc 61cm

    For sale on E Bay auction number 175017844544 £350 for anyone here
  6. A

    Shimano GRX 600 - 400 brake disc kit

    I need hydraulic hose kit, I can see there are two types of Shimano kits BH59 and BH90 not sure on which one I need ?
  7. A

    Disc brake caliper installation

    I have a front disc brake set Shimano GRX 600 lever with 400 caliper flat mount, do I need to buy a mount to fix the caliper too? This is for the front brake.
  8. AlanW

    SOLD - Trek SL8 Domaine Disc

    F/S - 2018 Trek Domaine SL8, size 54 Full Dura Ace hydraulic disc groupset, 50/34 chain set 172.5mm cranks. 3T carbon bars and Prime carbon stem. Zipp bar tape Jag Wire Elite sealed gear cables. Mavic Cosmic full carbon wheels. I've had the bike from new, supplied by Cycle Studio in Redditch...
  9. Grant Fondo

    Shimano Discs

    Can I swap Shimano BR-RS505 wheels on to 105 disc bike or do I need to buy some new discs?
  10. Xipe Totec

    140mm 6-Bolt Floating Disc Rotors x2, Brand-New, Unused

    Pair of new 140mm floating rotors, 6-bolt fitting, look like stainless steel. Got these as part of an ad-hoc groupset from AliExpress, unfortunately the wheels I'm using are centre-lock so they're no use to me. Looking for £15 posted, UK only.
  11. cheshirerob

    Whats it worth? Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 Carbon Disc 2021 56cm

    I purchased in haste a Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 Carbon Disc 2021 56cm as the alpine blue sucked me in like a moth to a flame, also there are no 58cm frames available. The big problem is, its a bit too small (im 6ft2) and im thinking of selling whilst the going is good. Done less than 100...
  12. gordyfinbar

    Prime 343 disc wheel

    Anyone running one of these on their TT setup ? I’d be very interested to hear you thoughts . Seems like a decent deal to me
  13. R

    Hydraulic disc pad replacement.

    I've not changed a set of pads before. Old ones were Tektro, new ones shimano. Front ones, no problem. Rear ones, found it almost impossible to get the cylinders far enough apart to get the gap between the pads wide enough to accept the disc rotor. Eventually, using a tyre lever to prise...
  14. clid61

    Thinnest angle grinder disc

    What would be appropriate to split a frame lengthways ?
  15. gazza19

    Split pedal assist magnet disc

    Hi I have just bought a connect coyotte electric folding bike and the magnet disc has broke of the pedal assist can I get a split one so I don’t have to take the pedals off if so does anyone know where I can get one from and have a link to it thanks for any help given
  16. Andy in Germany

    Mystery rear disc brake problem.

    Elder Son is having a mysterious problem with the rear brake on his Canyon Neuron. Repeated attempts to change the disk, pads and oil have failed to make it work and at the moment it is not responding when the lever is pulled, Attention from a bike mechanic (Elder Son) has been fruitless, and...
  17. Trigger369

    2019 mavic cosmic pro carbon disc .

    Hello . Wondering if anyone has ridden with the 2019 mavic pro disc carbon wheel set . There currently on sale down to just under a grand . Might purchase these if anyone can recommend them Thanks folks
  18. T.M.H.N.E.T

    6bolt disc QR wheelset

    What's out there?
  19. JhnBssll

    135mm road disc hub

    The second hand aksium disc wheel on the back of my commuter has a nice size wobble in it now, perhaps not the bargain they seemed to be at the time. The nipples are seized and the spokes are going rusty so repairing the wheel seems futile and I'm loathe to replace it with another Aksium only...
  20. JPBoothy

    Noisy Disc Pads

    Hi All, has anybody else suffered from a clicking/rattling noise from the spring that holds the front disc pads in place? Would it make a difference if I removed it, opened it up a bit and then put it back in?
  21. D

    Carbon disc wheels - £1K budget - recommendations welcome...

    Hi, I've just bought a discounted 2020 Cervelo S5 and I'm due to collect in a week or so from my local bike shop. The wheels are pretty mediocre and let the whole package down a little. The shop recommend Hunt Aero 50s at £800 a set. I've read that although they're not bad, they're nothing...
  22. Dwn

    Adjusting TRP HY/RD disc brakes

    Does anyone know how to adjust these particular brakes? I've changed wheels, which meant changing the rotors and the result is that the pads are rubbing against the rotors. Fwiw I've centred the brakes. I can head for the bike shop (Decathlon) who sold them, but the mechanics never seem to be...
  23. Donger

    TRP Spyre cable disc brakes ...... Part missing?

    I have just ordered and received two sets of Swissstop brake pads for my TRP Spyre cable operated disc brakes, but looking at videos and pictures online, a small part appears to be absent from the brakes currently on my bike. In the picture below, you can see what the pad retaining pin is...
  24. Dwn

    Disc rotor recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a centrelock disc rotor (160) for some new Mavic Aksium wheels? I bought a set of Shimano centrelock adapters to allow me to use the 6 bolt rotors from my current wheelset, but they appear to be incompatible, hence switch to centrelock rotors. Thanks
  25. Maherees

    What disc pads?

    Hi all, I have a Merida Ride Disc 500 bike which has Shimano RS785 160 discs according to the spec. I was just wondering what disc pads are suitable? And are they hard to fit, I believe they may be mechanical so no need for hydraulic work. Many thanks
  26. DSK

    Large Frame set (58-61cm) or may be a complete disc bike

    I'm looking for a disc frameset (or may be a complete bike). Aluminium Cannondale CAAD disc 60cm Specialized Allez Sprint 58/60cm Trek 60cm Anything similar to the above considered, PM me with details.
  27. grellboy

    Replacement disc pads

    Morning. Looking for some advice on replacement disc pads. The brake is a promax 330 r. I have attached a pic of those I removed. Lbs is run by an old bloke who doesn't always have the greatest stock, so might be easier to get them myself. Can anyone suggest the specific or a generic replacement...
  28. Dwn

    Another disc brake question

    I wonder if any of you could give me some advice about disc rotors. I am changing the wheels on my Triban rc520 to Fulcrum 6 Racing DB. The disc rotors on my current wheels are the 6 bolt type, the attachment for which seems to be an integral part of the wheel. The fulcrum wheels appear to be...
  29. Dwn

    Disc brake rotor bolts - torque

    I'm just about to change the wheels on my triban rc520 and wondered if anyone knows the torque settings for the rotor bolts?
  30. nickg

    Cube attain gtc pro carbon disc (please discard)

    As the title really. 2017 in pretty much immaculate condition. Anybody got one any feedback please?
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